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Is Rwanda is really ready to become a “medical tourism” destination ?

The growing quandary of dark tourism

TV10 journalists visit the Akagera National Park

RDB to Focus on Tourism in 2014/15 Budget and launches a bureau to boost tourism

Rwanda Restores Ecosystems, Generating Record Tourism and New Opportunities for Growth

Rwanda and Burundi enhance cooperation in parks conservation

Rwanda Development Board will Rwanda CEOs in Hospitality

Rwandan among the 22 finalists for the Rolex 2014 Enterprise Awards

Did you know it ? 2 939 Australians visited the Volcanoes National Park in 2013. Stephen Scourfield is one of them

Rwanda tour operators target Dutch visitors

Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda Launch Single Tourist Visa

Top 10 affordable safaris in east Africa : Track chimpanzees in Rwanda

Despite the growth, Rwanda tourism industry suffers of a lack of staff skills

Global chains, direct flights and a state-of-the-art conference centre for Rwanda

Trade fair in Brazzaville to boost tourism and trade for Rwanda

Illegal Activities Threatening Bird Watching Industry

“Kiwita Izina” Gorilla Naming Event Awarded For Tourism Innovation

Rwanda Ranked 6th in the ‘Top 10 Countries’ List of ‘Rough Guides’ –

Rwanda: Replicate Volcanoes Tourism Model

Conservationists Report Unusual “Gorilla Boom” in Rwanda

Works to re introduce Lions, this year, in the Akagera National Pak are now completed

No poaching in May 2014 in the Akagera National Park, the first time since 5 years

The Visa Global Travel Intentions unveils a survey showing key concerns by tourists

Rwanda in top five hot tourism destinations for 2014

National Geographic Travel names Nyungwe Forest on its 20 Best of the World list

Reforms in the tourism industry are paying off, [ World Bank Africa Tourism Report 2013]

The North Gate of the Akagera Park now re-opens under conditions

Musanze eyes tourism boost

Animal exhibition to boost cultural tourism

Governement launches officially “The Kivu Belt Tourism Master Plan”

Tourism sector stakeholders urged to support park communities

Travel advice at the DR Congo – Rwanda boarder

Medical Tourism : Appolo Hospitals (India) Asia’s Largest Hospital Group plans to open an hospital in Rwanda

Single Tourist Visa to Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya

Karongi will host the first environnement museum in Africa

“Rwanda should Diversify Tourism Sector” , according to OD Business Development

Kenya and Rwanda enhance cooperation in the Tourism sector

Nepal firm wins a consulting contrat for the construction of a cable car on the Karisimbi Mount

Meets Rick Asumbuko tour guide at Nyungwe Forest, since 1987

First Indians Pilgrims arrive at Kibeho

19 years after the Genocide, Rwanda is a model for sustainable tourism

The former Rwanda’s State House is now a major museum and leisure centre

How revenues park benefit to the local population (Nyungwe Forest)

Kitwa Izina (Gorilla Naming Ceremony) : a showcase to promote Rwandan Culture

Rwanda wants to regulate Tourism sector

Eastern Province Plans to Diversify Tourism

Rwanda invests in Musanze Caves Complex

Private investors to run tourism business in parks

Rica Rwigamba is new head of regional tourism body

How Rwanda Can Become a Medical Tourist Destination

Rwanda among top 10 places to see animals in the Wild

Akagera Park Gets New Facilities

Rwanda ranked among the 25 friendliest country in the World, for tourists

Nearly 6 millions viewers have watched the Top Gear Episode about Rwanda

Rwanda eyes Medical Tourism

Rwanda eyes Russia and China markets

Rwandan Visa : new rules for Africans travelers from 01 January 2013