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Works to re introduce Lions, this year, in the Akagera National Pak are now completed

Text and Pictures by Friends of Akagera National Park




We have completed the lion boma in Akagera National Park, ready to receive the lions later this year.

The boma will be a temporary home for the lions and is located at a strategic spot near the centre of the park where they, once released, will have easy access to water and food. The boma is designed to house the lions for a period of 3 – 4 weeks following their arrival in Akagera.


It will give us a chance to monitor them after their journey and the effects of the sedatives, and allow them to become accustomed to their new environment. The boma is split into two and each one is 100m x 50m, with a 3 metre high fence. The relocation of lion will be a landmark event for Akagera and Rwanda.








Akagera National Park gets new fence materials.  Lions will be re introducted by the end of 2014







Text  and photos by Friends of Akagera National Parks (Facebook page)


The fence materials arrived last week from South Africa. These are for the modifications to the boundary fence line to make it predator proof before the re-introduction of lion towards the end of 2014. As well as modifications to the fence which can now begin, holding bomas will need to be constructed, staff trained in monitoring the new arrivals and transportation arrangement made for the re-introduction. Discussions are already underway for sourcing the animals and we hope to bring in 6 in total, 3 male and 3 female lion. We will keep you posted!






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