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RwandAir Airbus A330 NEO


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LAST UPDATE : 11/03/2019




On this page we will put all updates about the two future RwandAir Airbus A330 NEOs. In June 2018, RwandAir confirmed, that they will add two A330-900, with a delivery planned, in 2019.


The 2 Airbus will be leased from ALC, they were planend to be used by Air Berlin, which ceased operations, in late 2017.







RwandAir 1st test flight at Toulouse (France), on 7 March 2019:

2:48-4:40: taxi & take off

4:50-6:00: apparoach & Go Around

6:20 – 8:50: approach, landing & taxi

You can heard ATC, but RwandAir callsign is not used.







 17 February 2019


The 1st of two A330-900 NEO planned to be leased to RwandAir, with its full livery, at Toulouse (France) and started to make some taxi test. The 1st aircraft should arrive in Rwanda, either in February or March 2019. No informations about its configuration



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Link: here




Building on the proven success of its popular twin-aisle, twin-engine, widebody A330 Family, Airbus launched the A330neo jetliner – comprising the A330-800neo and A330-900neo – in July 2014, with the first flight of the A330-900neo occurring in October 2017.
The A330neo Family delivers significant efficiency improvements while also launching the Airspace by Airbus cabin, which offers the newest and most advanced in-flight experience.
Incorporating the latest-generation Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 engines, along with aerodynamic improvements – including new composite Sharklet wingtip devices that provide 3.7 metres of increased wing span – as well as increased lift and reduced drag, the A330neo is a more efficient aircraft that will generate savings through reduced fuel burn.
The longer-fuselage A330-900neo version can accommodate 287 seats in a typical three-class layout or up to 440 for high-density configurations, and can provide a range of 6,550 nautical miles.
Airbus has developed a fast-paced 42-month programme from launch to the first A330-900neo delivery, scheduled for mid-2018.




Delivery date :



 A330-900 (MSN 1844) : delivery in 2019 (9XR-WS)

 A330-900 (MSN 1861) : delivery in 2019 (9XR-WT)


Deliveries dates


Numbers of planes


Capacity (Passengers)

A330-900: 287-440 seats


Maximum range

A330-900 : 12 130 km

Fuel capacity

A330-900 : 139 090 L

Length overall

A330-900 : 63,66 m


A330-900 : 64 m

Maximum take off weight

A330-900 : 242 T

Cruise Speed

A330-200 : 860 km/h










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