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Data for 2013, for Kigali. Aircraft mouvements include only Flight Schedule. Kigali is considered as a mid size airport in African continent. It ‘s ranked among 50 busiest airports in Africa. The airport reaches its maximum capacity which is of 600 000 passengers per year.  The airport is currently upgrading to meet the demand, more infos : HERE.


Passengers Mvts

Aircraft Mvts



600 000

about 36 500

Rwanda Airport Stastics

Airlines registered in Rwanda carried 626,925 passengers and operated 12,097 flights (2014)

Rwandan Aviation recorded one of highest capacity growth between 2010 and 2014, in East Africa

Rwanda Statistical YearBook 2013 : Air Transport Figures

Dramatic growth at Kigali, nearly 500 000 passengers travelled through the airport in 2012

Rwanda Statistical YearBook 2012 : Air Transport Figures

Rwanda is one of fastest growing air market

Kigali’s (Rwanda) Air Trafic to grow of 50%, in 2012