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Governement launches officially “The Kivu Belt Tourism Master Plan”




The Ministry of Trade and Industry announced today, that it has launched “The Kivu Belt Tourism Master Plan”. The aim of this project is to transform, the Western Region laying the Kivu Lake, into a major  tourism place, in East Africa.


Some tweets published, by The Ministry of Trade and Industry :


  • Kivu Belt Tourism Sub-Master Plan will  transform this region into one of the most competitive tourist destinations in the region.
  •  The Kivu Belt Tourism Master Plan will engineer growth based on a sustainable market position.
  • The Tourism industry needs to return to a path of sustained growth and to do so, must develop a sustainable market position.
  • In line with market trends, a sustainable market position will be based on Rwanda’s heritage – natural, cultural, historic and built.
  • The current run down resorts will be made more attractive; gaps in the product offer covered through mobilizing investment.
  • For sustainable development,local communities will play a major role in defining, developing and managing the tourism experience.




Here are more informations, from the tender published by Rwanda in 2011 :


Tourism is the fast developing sector and due to associated benefits, the government of Rwanda has prioritized tourism sector as tool to attain targets of vision 2020 and to play an important role in poverty reduction. To achieve this specific objective, The Government of Rwanda developed a policy framework and National Tourism Master plan, which will provide specific guidelines for the future growth and development of the tourism industry in Rwanda in the form of a Tourism Master Plan (TMP). The policy and planning framework will ensure that the tourism industry grows in a manner that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. It is against this background that the SPIUin the Ministry of Trade and Industry is planning to develop a focused Tourism Sub-Master Plan along Kivu Belt.





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