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Despite the growth, Rwanda tourism industry suffers of a lack of staff skills



Peterson Tumwebaze and Ben Gasore, The New Times


Lack of requisite skills and a demoralised workforce are some of the major challenges constraining the growth of the tourism industry, a new survey by the Private Sector Federation has indicated.


The study conducted in November last year also revealed that limited investments in the sector, an education system that is not responding to the needs of the market, lack of incentives to employees, as well as poor planning  are also threatening the industry.


The study noted that the Workforce Development Authority is not helping promote tourism as a good career option among students.


According to Carmen Nibigira, a Burundi-based tourism consultant, who participated in this study, there is an urgent need not only to train more labour force in the tourism sector, but also to make sure that workers acquire the necessary skills if the industry is to attract high-end tourists.


“You need to equip sector workers with relevant skills that match market demands, especially on quality and product development,” he said.


According to the survey, lack of skilled personnel poor remunerations, as well as ‘bad’ hotel owners and managers are responsible for low quality services in hotels.


“There is still a missing gap between the education and tourism policies. Also, the sector is focusing a lot on the masses and is giving less alternatives,” Nabigira said.





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