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Rwanda eyes Russia and China markets







Starting this very year, Rwanda intends to expand its marketing strategies, create awareness about its  tourist attractions to countries like Russia and China where he expects to get more leisure tourists to boost the East African country’s tourism revenue. This has come after the passing of a new tourism marketing strategy last year which is intended to help Rwanda target big potential markets and bring together marketing efforts in the existing markets with the view to increase high-end tourists.


Meanwhile the Head of Tourism and Conservation Directorate at the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) Rica Rwigamba which is also charged with fast-tracking Rwanda’s economic development says that the country’s intention is to keep increasing on the number of foreign leisure tourists as the tourism industry raises about 40% of the country’s revenue with the Mountains Gorillas in North West of Rwanda as the major attraction to most western leisure tourists.


More infos : http://www.independent.co.ug/rwanda-ed/rwanda/7236-big-spender-tourists





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