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Rwanda ranked among the 25 friendliest country in the World, for tourists





When it comes to making overseas tourists feel welcome, New Zealand is on top of the world.


A World Economic Forum report on travel and tourism ranked 140 countries on the “attitude of [their] population toward foreign visitors”. A score of seven was ‘very welcome’ while a score of one rated as ‘very unwelcome’.


Iceland and New Zealand both received a score of 6.8, slightly ahead of Morocco, Macedonia, Senegal and Austria, which all rated 6.7.


At the other end of the scale sat Bolivia, judged the most unwelcoming nation towards tourists, with a ranking of 4.1. Venezuela, Russia and Kuwait were also near the bottom of the list.


Our Australian neighbours ranked in 27th place, behind the United Arab Emirates, Rwanda, Yemen and Bahrain.


New Zealand also crept up the ranks in the wider Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report, which ranked countries on their overall ability to develop their travel and tourism industries, from 19th in 2011 to 12th.


Toursim WEF 2013 Report : HERE




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