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Rwanda in top five hot tourism destinations for 2014




Olive Ndaka


Rwanda has been identified as one the five hottest destinations for Britons in the year 2014, according to trends provided by an adventure tour operator, G Adventures.

G Adventures bases its evidence on growth figures, demand and market trends which have been identified in Indonesia, Ecuador, Morocco, Turkey and Rwanda as places that will draw travelers looking for exciting new experiences next year.

For the case of Rwanda, the Agency says that as a re-emerging destination Rwanda has been given a helping hand with the introduction of an East Africa cross-border visa for travel to Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda, making it possible for visitors to travel to all three countries on one visa. The joint visa costs $100 and will be launched on 1st January 2014.

In a bid to promote the EAC as a Single Tourist Destination and innovative strategies, the region has introduced a publication- “The Traveler’s Roundabout East Africa”- which is new product that will be a powerful platform to collate and communicate credible regional information to the tourism and travel sector.

So far, Rwanda among the EAC partner states, has embarked on the process of implementing Common Market Protocol –which was been signed by the presidents of Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan in October 2013, as a way of facilitating free movement of people, skills, goods and services; a great milestone that will see the enhancement of trade and movement of goods as well as services.

Rwanda has also iGuides, which enables anyone interested in investing and touring Rwanda, can easily access information on key areas and opportunities of investment in Rwanda.

The iGuide provides clear info on specified areas of investment- which range from Tourism, Agriculture, Mining, and ICT’s, Manufacturing, Real Estates and Financial services, and energy among others.

In November 2012, Rwanda’s Nyungwe forest was named winner of the British Guild of Travel Writers’ top Globe Award (BGTW), at the Guild’s prestigious annual awards dinner in London’s Savoy Hotel.

The country has now embarked on religious, cultural tourism, among other already existing tourist attractions, as a way of boosting the tourism sector- which is one of the biggest foreign currency earners




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