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RwandAir adds 3 more weekly flights to Entebbe (Uganda)




While Air Uganda and RwandAir will terminate thier code share agreement, the next month, RwandAir has just added more flights to Uganda. According to Amadeus (23 FEB 2012), RwandAir now provides 17 flights a week instead of 14.


When it’s 21h00 in Rwanda, it’s 22h00 in Uganda.


RwandAir Destination home page : HERE

Contact all RwandAir’s offices : HERE

RwandAir’s fleets : HERE




1 : monday – 2 : tuesday – 3 : wednesday – 4 : thursday – 5 : friday – 6 : saturday – 7 : sunday


Airports codes


EBB : Entebbe – KGL : Kigali.








WB 205

KGL : 16h00

EBB : 18h00


Dash 80-100

WB 206

EBB : 18h45

KGL : 18h45


Dash 80-100

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  • Nathan
    Nathan (visiteur) · 29 février 2012

    Aha…glad to know because I was alarmed when we were only 15 people on the Entebbe-Kigali last January. I found it quite a waste at that time.

    Well hope all goes well for my mother land carrier.

    Keep well.

  • African Muzungu
    African Muzungu (visiteur) · 28 février 2012

    The CRJ was still at Kigali, one month ago. RwandAir said that they found an airline, some rumors say that Air Tanzania will add them, but no confirmation.

    Flights with 737s are operated via another destination, with traffic rights such as Kigali Nairobi Bujumbura. But probably they fill aircraft with cargo.

    About code share i found this : Speaking to Daily Monitor yesterday, Air Uganda head of sales, Jennifer Musiime said the decision was an administrative one, taken with the aim of making better proceeds from the business. “It is just a business decision which was taken by us (Air Uganda). Our code partnership will end on March 30,” she said

  • Nathan
    Nathan (visiteur) · 27 février 2012

    Was the code share just a marriage of conviniency?

    What happens to the CRJ200 now that the buyer hasnt taken then yet?

    Is it profittable to run 737-500/800 on 30min routes?

    Am just too baffled at these Bazungu decisions… Tjanks