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RwandAir starts daily service between Entebbe and Juba, from 04 August 2014




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According to Amadeus (01 AUG 2014), RwandAir will start a daily service between Entebbe and Juba, from 04 August 2014, using a CRJ-900NG.


Update on 19 August 2015. From 22 August 2015 till 30 April 2016, RwandAir will reduce flights to Juba, due to works at the Airport. No flights, on Saturdays and on Sundays.


You can find timetables between Kigali and Juba : here




1 : monday – 2 : tuesday – 3 : wednesday – 4 : thursday – 5 : friday – 6 : saturday – 7 : sunday


Airports codes


EBB : Entebbe – JUB : Juba    







WB 432

EBB : 07h00

JUB : 08h10



WB 434

EBB : 15h30

JUB : 16h40



WB 433

JUB : 08h55

EBB : 10h05



WB 435

JUB : 17h20

EBB : 18h30







Uganda has granted rights to RwandAir to operate services to Nairobi and Juba, from Entebbe




While Air Uganda is grounded since more one month, the Uganda’s Civil Aviation Authority has granted rights to Ethiopian Airlines and RwandAir to operate two routes out of Entebbe International Airport, pending re-certification of Air Uganda. According to Amadeus GDS, only Ethiopian Airlines has opened bookings between Juba and Entebbe, nothing on the RwandAir’s side.


Isaac Khisa | The East African


The airlines have been permitted to fly to Juba and Nairobi to increase passenger and cargo capacity on these routes. This is referred to as “fifth freedom rights,” which allow an airline to carry revenue traffic between foreign countries.

“We have given Ethiopian Airlines and RwandAir fifth freedom rights to run the routes that have been severely affected by the suspension,” said Ignie Iguunduura, the corporate affairs manager at CAA.

The Ugandan regulator withdrew air operator certificates for the international operations of three airlines including Air Uganda, following a review by the International Civil Aviation Organisation. This led to a hike in the cost of air travel within the region.

Prior to the suspension, Air Uganda operated daily flights to Juba and Nairobi — routes also covered by Kenya Airways, RwandAir and Ethiopian Airlines.

The Ethiopian Airlines manager in Uganda, Abebe Angesa, said the airline would start operations on the Entebbe-Juba route on August 1, with plans to fly to Nairobi once Kenyan authorities approve the arrangement.

He said the airline plans to deploy aircraft with capacities of 154 and 250 passengers, depending on the market demand.

Air Uganda CEO Cornwell Muleya said they were baffled by CAA’s move to award its traffic rights to other foreign airlines.

“We are in the third phase of re-certification, out of the required five phases. As we are doing so, CAA is giving away our traffic rights. What happens when we are finally re-certified? They are killing the airline industry in this country,” Mr Muleya said.

But Mr Igunduura said CAA will make new arrangements when Air Uganda completes its re-certification.

Air-Uganda suspended its operations indefinitely saying its potential re-certification was weeks away and that lessors had recalled their aircraft.


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