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If you loose luggages or something esle send an email to this adress :  [email protected] or [email protected] 



Last Update : 08/12/2017


Sources : RwandAir.com




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  • Irfan patel
    Irfan patel (visiteur) · 21 juillet 2017

    3 pc luggage means 23kg x 23kg x 23kg ??

  • Irfan patel
    Irfan patel (visiteur) · 21 juillet 2017

    I want to know about 3 pc baggages means? Is it 23kg x 23kg x 23kg ?

  • Erika
    Erika (visiteur) · 29 mars 2017

    Do you have flight from Entebbe to Goma (DRC)?

    • African Muzungu
      African Muzungu (visiteur) Erika · 26 juin 2017


      No RwandAir doesn’t fly to Goma, they stopped to serve Goma and Gisenyi, years ago.

      Try with Ethiopian Airlines, they serve Goma, since 1-2 years

  • nema:murekatete marie clarisse
    nema:murekatete marie clarisse (visiteur) · 26 février 2017

    me you bye???thankyou too!!beautiful you seeyou think???good?deaf you meet you may !!!remember!!!you OK come you bye,??bye ????

  • Paresh Goti
    Paresh Goti (visiteur) · 22 février 2017

    hi,.,..can you confirm Mumbai -Kigali flight is operating now. I want to book a flight for month of Jun-2017.

  • umezurike/ Tessy Adaku
    umezurike/ Tessy Adaku (visiteur) · 27 janvier 2017

    Hello Rwanda air, pls I will like to upgrade my tkt to business class. Tkt num:4592400877193. To depart 02feb.

    • African Muzungu
      African Muzungu (visiteur) umezurike/ Tessy Adaku · 27 février 2017

      Hello, i don’t work for RwandAir and we are not a travel agency, but i hope that you was able to fix your issue

  • V C Badve
    V C Badve (visiteur) · 6 décembre 2016

    Kindly inform me schedule timings of Kigali-Mumbai Kigali flight s.

    • African Munzungu
      African Munzungu (visiteur) V C Badve · 7 décembre 2016


      Currently, bookings to Mumbai are not yet open. Flights will be operated 4 times a week, probably from January 2017

    • African Muzungu
      African Muzungu (visiteur) African Munzungu · 27 février 2017


      Flights will start from 03 April 2017:


      Bookins are not yet open on RwandAir website, but you can book on Opodo, last minute, expedia.

      RwandAir office at Mumbai: 14, Ground Floor, Nirman Kendra, Dr. E.Moses Road,
      Near Famous Studio, Mahalaxmi (W), Mumbai – 400011 India
      +91 22 66603877 | +91 22 66157273
      [email protected]

  • murtaza
    murtaza (visiteur) · 26 septembre 2016

    i am trying to reach your dubai office Tel. (+971) 43 555 013 , but not reachable

  • Valere mouzong
    Valere mouzong (visiteur) · 25 septembre 2016

    Ma date de voyage était passé déjà, et là maintenant je veux partir dans mon pays en décembre. (Cameron?)

  • Solomon Tanguo
    Solomon Tanguo (visiteur) · 22 août 2016

    Hi my name is Solomon I came to Dubai with Rwandair and the return ticket’s date is tomorrow 23 of August but I want to sell the ticket ..So I want to know if whether is possible and secondly how do I go about it.

    • African Muzungu
      African Muzungu (visiteur) Solomon Tanguo · 11 novembre 2016


      Sorry, for the very late answer, i hope that everything was ok

  • Wily Dee
    Wily Dee (visiteur) · 6 janvier 2016

    I would like to travel between 27th January and 10th February on an all round trip .The cheapest flights have many lay over hours in Kigali. How do I spend the time? Sitting idle at the airport or do I go to town to look for accommodation? Will Rwandair pay for the accommodation?

  • kemayou loic
    kemayou loic (visiteur) · 12 octobre 2015

    Bjr je veux allé a dubai svp comment cela se passe ici et laba a l arrivé merci.

    • African Muzungu
      African Muzungu (visiteur) kemayou loic · 12 octobre 2015


      Je peux vous donner, une adresse. Précisez, les dates du voyage et le lieux de départ. Les prix varient selon la demande et les dates.

      [email protected]

      Bonne Journée

  • Bobga
    Bobga (visiteur) · 8 mai 2015

    Rwanda does not treat customers with care..I lost a luggage. .putting my job at risk just to follow up wasted my time and money went to their counter at the airport still could not get a satisfying result…all I could get was a ghost number which till date no one is there to respond to my calls..which is very bad I regret ever using this airline…but still haven’t give up my luggage I am coming for it.