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RwandAir’s Timetables (As of January 2014 ) : HERE

New destinations, New timetables, Aircraft change, Code Sharing




Dar Es Salaam

Douala (planned from 30 March 2014 HERE)




Juba Kamembe Kilimanjaro Lagos
Libreville Mombasa Nairobi

Code Share : codeshare agreement, sometimes simply codeshare, is an aviation business arrangement where two or more airlines share the same flight. A seat can be purchased on one airline but is actually operated by a cooperating airline under a different flight number


Operated by

Addis Ababa

Ethiopian Airlines


Brussels Airlines


Air Uganda


Turkish Airlines


RwandAir for PrecisionAir

RwandAir modifies Dubai / Mombasa flights, from 01 May due to Dubai airport runway works

[CANCELED] RwandAir plans to increase services to Mombasa and Dubai, from 30 March 2014

RwandAir starts talks with the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe

RwandAir begins to split Kilimanjaro / Dar Es Salaam services from 30 March 2014

RwandAir eyes Abidjan as its next destination in West Africa

RwandAir battles Air Tanzania for Mumbai route

RwandAir postopones only the launching of flights to Douala

RwandAir makes some adjustments on its service to Dubai and Mombasa

RwandAir shelves planned service inscrease to Johannesurg

RwandAir cancels planned service increase to Kamembe and

RwandAir modifies flights to Juba and deploys its new Dash Q400NG

RwandAir announces summer timetables to Dubai, Johannesburg and Mombasa

RwandAir opens bookings between Kilimanjaro and Dar Es Salaam, from 01 June 2013

RwandAir modifies flights to Accra and Lagos

RwandAir starts service to Douala, from 30 March 2014, and adjusts Brazzaville / Libreville services

RwandAir and Turkish Airlines begin a partnership on the Kigali Istanbul route

RwandAir has decided to stop Rubavu (Gisenyi) service, due to the war in Kivu Region

RwandAir makes some adjustments on flights to Kamembe (Rwanda)

RwandAir suspends flights to Gisenyi (Rwanda)

RwandAir to fly to Ghana, South Sudan and Zanzibar Zimbabwe and Cape Town in 2013

RwandAir makes some adjustments on flights to Kamembe-Cyangugu (Rwanda)

RwandAir adds a 3rd daily flight to Bujumbura, from 30 March 2014

RwandAir suspends flights to Mwanza (Tanzania), from 31 January 2013

RwandAir resumes Mombasa (Kenya) – Dubai flights, from 28 January 2013

RwandAir adds flights to Lagos (Nigeria), for the African Nations Cup 2013 ?

RwandAir makes some adjustments on flights to Tanzania, from 27 January 2013.

RwandAir adds B737-700 on the Entebbe flights

RwandAir reduces flights to Lagos (Nigeria), from 25 January 2013

[CANCELED] RwandAir adds more flights to Kenya and Uganda, from 25 January 2013

Kigali-Gisenyi flights temporarily suspended, in January 2013 ?

RwandAir introduces the CRJ-900NG to Burundi and Mwanza (Tanzania)

RwandAir adds flights to Dubai, Johannesburg and Lagos

RwandAir re introduces the B737-800 on the Nairobi route

RwandAir keeps its three weekly service to Rubavu – Gisenyi (Rwanda)

RwandAir starts BUS Service to Rubavu – Gisenyi (Rwanda), after the suspension of the Air Service

RwandAir’s East African Operations changements

RwandAir adds more flights to Nigeria

RwandAir announces CRJ-900NG routes

RwandAir first CRJ-900 destinations and more flights to, Congo, Uganda, Dubai, South Africa and Gabon

RwandAir Nairobi operation changes

RwandAir announces daily flights to Nigieria

RwandAir plans to fly to Lusaka (Zambia) and Cape Town (South Africa)

RwandAir adds flights to Nairobi

RwandAir to start flights to Mwanza (Tanzania)

RwandAir adds more flights to Tanzania

RwandAir makes some adjustments on its Dubai flights

RwandAir makes some adjustments on flights to Nigeria

RwandAir adds more flights to Gisenyi & Kamembe – Bukavu (Rwanda – DR Congo)

RwandAir adds 3 more weekly flights to Entebbe (Uganda)

RwandAir cancels planned Johannesburg service increase

RwandAir shelves planned Kamembe & Gisenyi service increase

RwandAir makes some ajdustements on its East African network

CORRECTION : RwandAir adds more flights to Johannesburg (South Africa)

RwandAir adds more flights to its domestic destinations.

RwandAir to serve Uganda with B737s

RwandAir announces news destinations for 2012


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