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RwandAir postopones only the launching of flights to Douala


 UPDATED on 13/01/2014


Confirmed by RwandAir. Flights to Douala will start from 30 March, bookings are now opened on RwandAir.com. Timetables : Here. You can contact RwandAir in Cameroon : here





30/05/2013 UPDATED on 31/05/2013


First flight to Accra will be tomorrow (sorry for the mistake) :


RwandAir Nous volerons à Accra de Kigali via Lagos. Les vols vont commencer le 1er juin
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RwandAir We will fly to Accra from Kigali via Lagos. Flights will start from 01 June I like- 19 hours ago



 Sources from RwandAir and from the Wolfgangthome’s blog announce that the launching of flights to Accra (Ghana) and Douala (Cameroon) will be postponed.



Wolfgangthome citing sources from RwandAir says that the first flight to Accra, will take place on 15 June, instead on 1 June (http://wolfganghthome.wordpress.com/2013/05/23/rwandair-sets-date-for-accra-inaugural-flight/). 



RwandAir has today announced the date of the inaugural flight celebration for their new route to Accra / Ghana as 15th of June.”



About Douala, RwandAir announced today on Facebook that flights will be launched in June, a new date will be given in coming days.



RwandAir Nous prévoyons de lancer Doula en juin mais aucune date n’a été fixée. Nous communiquerons une fois qu’elle a été défini.

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We plan to start flights to Douala, in June, but no date has been fixed. Another date will be given.



The postponement is probably due to the arrival of the 2nd B737-700, which will join the RwandAir fleet in June. In the same time, RwandAir has announced that new timetables will be published, on 01 June

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