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Aerospace / Defence

Rwanda Defence Forces / Rwanda Army 2014 Guide

USA plans to partner with Senegal, Ghana, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda to develop rapid response forces

University of Rwanda hosted the Fourth East African Astronomy workshop

Korea Aerospace University will establish a Training of Trainers (ToT) center at IPRC-Kigali.

RwandAir begins new rotations between Rwanda and Darfur for Rwanda Defence Force

SwiftAir operates flights between Juba and Kigali, for Rwanda Air Force officers

Ethiopian Airlines operates a special flights between Rwanda and Haiti, for Rwanda National Police

Rwanda Defence Force troops fly back from South Sudan aboard of RwandAir chartered flight

RwandAir begins rotations between Juba (South Sudan) and Kigali (Rwanda), for the Rwanda Defence Forces

IPRC Kigali Kicukiro Campus (Rwanda) signed a letter of intent with the Korea Aerospace University, in 2012.

Kagame : “No Rwandans troops in Mali”

SwiftAir (Spain) to airliflt RDF Air Force from Rwanda to South Sudan

Kagame accepts UN drones for DR Congo Conflict

RwandAir operates another flight to Darfur (Sudan)

RwandAir operates a special flight to Port Au Prince (Haiti)


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