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Kagame : “No Rwandans troops in Mali”



[UPDATED on 07/02/2013]


According to an interview published on an Uganda newspaper website, Rwanda won’t send troops in Mali. 


According to the President of Rwanda, it’s not a motivation problem, but a capacity problem. Indeed, Rwanda has already troops in Darfur and South Sudan. But also Police contingents, in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast and Haiti.


“Rwanda can’t be everywhere. We have home limitations. For Mali we would love to contribute but we are tied up.”





Rwanda plans to deploy troops in Mali 




South Africa, Rwanda, Tanzania, Chad and Burundi have agreed to contribute troops to the International Mission of Support to Mali where governemental forces are working together with the French troops to combat rebels in the north of the country, Nigeria’s Foreign Affairs Minister Olugbenga Ashiru told Xinhua at the AU Headquarters in Ethiopia on Saturday.


“This pledge is significant because it comes from non West African nations and show that Africans are ready to deal with this problem,” said the Nigerian minister. It was not clear when the troops will start operations in Mali but the minister said the deployment will be immediate.

“We have agreed that the African Union should not allow any of its territories to be used by criminal gangs and terrorists to terrorize citizens,” stressed Olubenga Ashiru. “Today it is Mali, tomorrow it will be another country. This must be stopped immediately.”




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