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IPRC Kigali Kicukiro Campus (Rwanda) signed a letter of intent with the Korea Aerospace University, in 2012.





Integrated Polytechnic Regional (IPRC Kigali) signed a letter of intent with the Korea Aerospace University on 27th February 2012**


The purpose of the letter of intent is to establish an academic collaboration between both institutions in improving quality standards in technical education. The Letter of internet signed will remain in force and effect until 3 years renewable. This LOI shall be mainly implemented through the following activities :

* Exchange of teaching opportunities to IPRC Kigali staff at Korea Aerospace University

* Provision of training opportunities to IPRC Kigali staff at Korea Aerospace University.

* In collaboration with Rwanda Ministry of Defense, students from Rwanda Air Force who will have graduated from IPRC Kigali will benefit from this LOI by getting more training in aerospace field at Korea Aerospace University.





About the IPRC Kigali :   


The Integrated Polytechnic Regional Centre (IPRC) Kigali, Kicukiro was initially established by the Government of Rwanda in 2008 as “Kicukiro College of Technology (KCT)”. The core mission of the college was to develop and provide professional technical education at the level of diploma (A1).


About the Korea Aerospace University :   


KAU, Korea Aerospace University, was established in 1952 as a national university. Ever since then, for 60 years, under a sense of duty, it has been fostering high skilled experts in aerospace.


 ** : as you can see this news published last year….in Febraury 2012, but expect for the IPRC’s website, it’s seems that none others websites (including us^^) talked about this information till today. That the reason why, we publish this very interesting info about the Rwandan Aviation.


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