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RwandAir begins new rotations between Rwanda and Darfur for Rwanda Defence Force


Pictures by Rwanda Ministry of Defence.





The Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) is conducting a relief in place operation for the 3200 RDF Peacekeepers serving under United Nations-African Union Hybrid Mission (UNAMID) in Darfur, Sudan.



On 31 Oct 2013, 270 officers and men of 61 Infantry Battalion departed from Kigali International Airport to El Fasher, Darfur. The same number from 53 Infantry Battalion arrived back home the same day from Darfur where they were deployed in Zalingei.


The routine rotation of replacing RDF Peacekeepers comes after a nine-month tour of duty.


Brig Gen Norbert Kalimba, Head of Peace Support Operation said that Rwandan peacekeepers have done much in bringing peace and building good relationship with local people where they are deployed. “They acted as good ambassadors of the country” said Brig Gen Kalimba.


RDF Peacekeepers have shared Rwandan values and post conflict reconstruction experiences to Darfurians, in a principle of searching for home grown solutions through community work ’Umuganda’ and quick impact projects (QIP). They built schools, markets and health facilities, rondereza or energy saving stoves among other activities. These projects built strong relationship between peacekeepers and local community.


The rotation exercise is planned to last for one month.


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