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Passengers flying to or from Rwanda : South African Airways moves to Piece Baggage Concept




(Flights canceled, from 08 December 2013, contact your nearest office)


South African Airways (SAA) is introducing a new check-in baggage policy in response to varying customer requirements in each of its markets.

The policy aligns with most of the larger Star Alliance member carriers ensuring a transparent and consistent set of rules across SAA and other Star Alliance network.


From 5 September 2012, SAA will move to a checked baggage policy that restricts the number of pieces of baggage a passenger may check in, rather than the total weight of the passenger’s checked baggage. Each of these pieces will be subject to weight and size restrictions. The new policy describes the number of baggage pieces a passenger may check-in, as well as the weight restrictions for each piece, according to route and class of travel.



The new policy, which contains simple explanations and identifies routes where variations are applicable, forms an important part of the Terms & Conditions of all SAA tickets, including flights purchased online.


More infos : HERE

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