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Rwanda Air Force


An EgyptAir A330-200 is arriving from Darfur,                       An  Air Europa B767-300ER is ready to operat aflight

with Rwandans Soldiers onboard                                                to Darfur


August 2011                                                                                       June 2009


 Last update : September 2011



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Rwanda Air Force to send Helicopters to Darfur (Sudan):




The Rwandan Defence Ministry has just announced, that 5 helicopters will be deployed to Darfur, from the next year. This announcement was made, during a three week trannig programme which started this week.


The aim of this trainnig, is to prepare pilots pilots, technicians, maintenance officers, air logistics staff and medical services for deployment to the African Union-United Nations hybrid operation in Darfur (UNAMID).  A strong contingent of 140 soldiers, has taken part to this trainnig jointly organised by the RDF and the US Army under the Africa Contingency Operations Training and Assistance (ACOTA) programme


Since 2004, Rwanda sent over 3000 troops to Darfur.


Rwandan President  to come to Sacramento (CANCELED):




If among readers, there are plane spotters based in Sacramento, this new will interest you. According to various articles on internet, th Rwandan president will be in Sacramento, from Thursday 3 November. It will arrive from Perth, where the president has participated to the Commonweatlh summit.



Rwanda Air Force acquires GIS skills :




Twenty Air Force staff have just completed a five days training on Geograpphic Information System. The training has focused on geo science, photo interpretation and image processing


The goal of this training organised by the University of Rwanda, the Center for Geograpphic Information System and the Rwanda Defence Force, is that soldiers will able to use GIS skills, in the mapping, safely reach dangerous zones, help in natural disaster management and minimise casualties at the battlefield



Rwandan president in France and in  Australia for the Commonweatlth :




Watch this space for updates :


France :


Routing : Kigali-Paris-New York-Kigali











Paris CDG : 16h00


 Bombardier BD700- 1A10 Global Express XRS (SX-JGN)



Paris Cdg : 13.00

New York


 Bombardier BD700- 1A10 Global Express XRS (SX-JGN)



Australia :










28/10/2011 ?

Bombardier BD700- 1A10 Global Expres




31/10/2011 ?

Bombardier BD700- 1A10 Global Expres




Rwanda AF and Czech AF discuss bilateral cooperation:





14/05/2011 (The New Times Rwanda) :


A senior Czech government official is in the country to strengthen his country’s bilateral relations with Rwanda.

Tomáš Dub, the Czech deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, arrived in the country wednesday for a three-day tour.



He visited various ministries and key government departments like the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) and explored various economic sectors including infrastructure, energy, agriculture, defense, and finance.

Yesterday, the Czech minister visited the Defence Ministry and held talks with the minister, Gen. James Kabarebe, and other officials.



“In the recent months, we signed a Memorandum of Understanding on defence cooperation” Dub said after the meeting.


“I would like my visit to simply focus on continuing our cooperation”.


Defence and military Spokesperson, Lt. Col. Jill Rutaremara, told reporters that Dub’s visit at the ministry aimed at looking into how the Rwanda-Czech defence pact can be implemented.

He added that Rwanda could learn a lot from the Czechs,  particularly its air force.“They have invited the ministers of defence and foreign affairs.”



Rwanda’s construction, industry, and other nascent investment sectors would attract Czech business people, if all goes according to plan.

Source : Rwanda Defence Ministry : http://www.mod.gov.rw/?Czech-minister-visits



Rwanda AF rescues accident victims in Tanzania: 


11/05/2011 (The New Times Rwanda) :



The Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) yesterday dispatched a helicopter with doctors on board to airlift severely injured Rwandans involved in a fatal accident in Tanzania.


Two ambulances were also dispatched by the Emergency Ambulance Service to evacuate other patients.


A bus carrying 22 Rwandans and a Tanzanian, members of a popular Adventist choir, Ambassadors of Christ, was involved in an accident between Kahama and Shinyanga in Tanzania.


Three people; two Rwandans and a Tanzanian died on the spot


More infos : here


Rwanda AF to deploy helicopteres in Darfur:








23/04/2011 (The New Times Rwanda) :

KIGALI – Rwanda will send four military helicopters to the UN-AU Mission in Darfur (UNAMID), to facilitate the peacekeeping mission.


This was disclosed, yesterday, by the Defense Spokesperson, Lt. Col. Jill Rutaremara, shortly after a meeting between Dane Smith, the new U.S. Senior Advisor on Darfur and Defence Minister, Gen. James Kabarebe.


Rutaremara said that the discussions between the officials focused on Rwanda’s role in Darfur with the minister reiterating that Rwanda would continue playing a viable part.


Rwanda AF and Botswana AF discuss bilateral cooperation:





03/25/2011 (The New Times Rwanda) :


The visiting Commander of the Botswana Defence Force (BDF), Lt. Gen. Masire Tebogo, said yesterday he was interested in the operations of the Air Force as the two countries discussed military cooperation.


“The main purpose of our visit here is to look at the Rwandan Air Force’s operations of their Russian helicopters and also explore areas of cooperation between our two defence forces,” Masire said. 


Gen. Masire is accompanied by four senior BDF officers. Of particular interest to the visitors is the RDF’s Russian-made Mi-17 multipurpose helicopter designed for improved capabilities at high altitudes and in hot weather conditions.


Below, a Botswana Air Force C-130 parked at Kigali. It was operating flights from Rwanda to Darfur, for Rwandans soldiers.  





(U.S. Air Force photo/Capt. Erin Dorrance)  



Here is a little list of Rwanda Air Force aircraft. Mains informations come from here : http://www.bamfbamrs.be/

September 2011


Go to the bottom of the page to see Articles



Here is a little list of Rwanda Air Force aircraft. Mains informations come from here : http://www.bamfbamrs.be/

September 2011


Go to the bottom of the page to see Articles



Presidential and Gouvernement fleet :


 Bombardier BD700- 1A10 Global Express XRS (ZS-XRS became SX-JGN) based at Kigali


Bombardier BD700- 1A11 Global 5000  Qatar Executive (A7-CED seen at Lisboa & Abuja in Nigeria in June 2011).




Agusta AW139 9XR-SO delivered new to Akagera Aviation in June 2010, but used by the governement.



Transport, Police and EMS : 


Robinson R44 9XR-…. delivered new to Akagera Aviation in 2009 , but used by the Rwandan Air Police.



Agusta AW109 Grand  9XR-…. delivered new to Akagera Aviation in June 2010 , but used by the Rwandan Emergency Medical Service.


MIl-MI 17 (6)  RAF-0407, used by the Rwanda Air Force, for  Transports, Rescue Missions & Fire Fighting Missions.




For Policeman and Soldiers transports to Haiti and Darfur, flights are mainly operated by :


Botswana Air Force (C-130s), US Air Force (C-17s), EgyptAir (A330s and B777-200ERs), RwandAir (B737-500s), VIM Airlines (B757-200s), EuroAtlantic (B767-300ERs), Air Mongolia (A310), Miami Air (B737-800s) and Georgian Airways (B737s).


Attack Helicopters :


MIL-MI 24 HIND-E (2)  RAF-0110 & RAF-0102.


MIL-MI 24 P (3)  RAF-2102,  RAF-0802 & RAF-2308.





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