John Mirenge and Prof Silas Lakwabamba talk about Rwandan Aviation




Here are 3 interviews of John Mirenge (2) and Prof Silas Lakwabamba (1) about the Rwandan Aviation. The first one taken place today at Cape Town (South Africa) during a IATA General Meeting. Thanks to African Aviation Tribune for the link.


Paul Vecchiatto


EMERGING African airlines will have to be extremely cost conscious even though air travel is important for economic growth, RwandAir CEO John Mirenge says.

Speaking at a press briefing during an International Air Transport Association (Iata) general meeting on Monday, Mr Mirenge said Rwanda, a landlocked country that is one of the continent’s smallest, had identified air transport as a key driver of its economic growth.

“We (RwandAir) only started three years ago and we are slowly moving into a definite market of the short and regional flights before looking at long-haul destinations,” he said.

Mr Mirenge said Rwanda was rebuilding its international airport in Kigali with the aim of making it a hub for regional African flights.

“We are in the heart of Africa and almost every other African country is between three and four hours’ flight time from Kigali,” he said.

This, Mr Mirenge said, dictated the purchase of smaller, narrow-bodied aircraft that could operate efficiently, taking between 50 and 120 passengers a trip.



Second interview taken place at Kigali, probably the day of the delivery of the B737-700:


In this video, John Mirenge is talking about of B737-700s. They will  replace the older B737-500s (classic version). The B737-700 can carry more passengers, more cargo and has bigger range.


About Prof Silas Lakwabamba, he is talking about the expension of the Kanombe Airport that will be finished by the end of 2013. About Bugesera Airport, he has said that negotions will be soon ended. The name of the firm will be announced in coming months.







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