Captain Muvunyi is the first Rwandan Captain rated on the RwandAir CRJ-900NG





Captain Muvunyi started his aviation training in Nairobi, Kenya at the CMC Flying School which was followed by further training at Fort Worth, Texas, United States and he then finally completed his training at Toronto Canada in Flight Safety Aviation. His wife Rose Muvunyi is also a member of the RwandAir family and is currently serving as the Product and Services Manager. 


SOURCE : Wolfgang Thome : HERE





 Captain Bosco is the first Rwandan Captain rated on the RwandAir B737NG




In March 2013, we meet Esther Mbabazi (HERE) the first woman Rwandan pilot.Today, RwandAir celebrates its first Rwandan Captain rated on the B737-800. This year RwandAir sent about 20 Rwandans (Girls and Boys) to the Ethiopian Airlines Aviation Academy for a training pilot.


Pictures by Fiston


 Captain Bosco just after operated RwandAir WB 423 from Entebbe (Uganda) with a B737-800.









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