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RwandAir starts its online booking system




RwandAir launched this week its new online booking system.



[UPDATED on 21/12//2013]









11/02/2012 [UPDATED on 05 /07 /2013]


Following requests, here is an update about RwandAir Booking Support, FAQ, Cancelation & Refunding.


We have contact them and here is the answer :



Those features r curently unavailable. We r redesigning the website & will ensure these & more r available & fully functional.


You can contact RwandAir, to have more informations about Booking Support and others services : HERE


If you loose luggages or something esle send an email to this adress :  [email protected] 



On Thursday 09 FEB, RwandAir unveiled its new online booking system, planned to be available on 1 APR 2011, some months after signed a contrat with SITA Advanced Travel Solutions (11 FEB 2011).  In late 2011, Visa Inc, RwandAir and the Governement of Rwanda signed a patnership to develop online ticketing and reservations technology. 


The home page :  you have 4 menus, you can check all your bookings, create a profile or if you have to ask some questions, you can click on “support”. But, unfortunately, this part is not yet available.




Bookings part. 1:  All RwandAir’s destinations are in the search engine, including some Code Share destinations such as Brussels operate by Brussels Airlines, Bodrum in Turkey (probably Istanbul soon operated by Turkish Airlines). Depening of your departure city, some destinations are not available : you can’t book a Lagos-Kigali-Dar Es Salaam on one ticket, because timetables don’t match.




 Bookings part. 2:  flights, details and fares













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  • +2711 9782519
    +2711 9782519 (visiteur) · 9 mai 2016

    Hi I’m currently trying to do an online check-in for tomorrow, please advise if the system is working?


  • mpakula jaffar
    mpakula jaffar (visiteur) · 6 mai 2015

    hello my name is Mpakula am in Malawi I would like to book an air ticket to Rwanda how much is it?
    please give a quick feedback thanks.

    • African Muzungu
      African Muzungu (visiteur) mpakula jaffar · 6 mai 2015


      You want to fly from Malawi to Rwanda ?

      You can fly with Kenya Airways https://www.kenya-airways.com/uk/Quick_Guide/Contacts/Southern_Africa/Malawi/

      Or Ethiopian : City Office
      City: Lilongwe
      Address: Kenyata Drive Street, Mantion service Station Building , Lilongwe
      E-mail: [email protected]
      Phone: +265 1 772031/1771308/1771002/1776003
      Mob: +265 88 8842734
      Working hours: Mon – Friday: 07:30 Am – 04:30 Pm

      Airport Office
      Airport: Kamusu International Airport
      Address: Kamuzu International Airport, 1st floor room M23
      Tel: +265 1 700782
      E-mail [email protected]
      Working hours: Mon – Sun: 07:30Am – 04:30Pm.

      Airport Office
      City: Blantyre
      Airport: Chileka airport
      Address: Chileka Airport
      Tel: +265 1 692011/+265 1 692022
      E-mail [email protected]
      Working hours: Mon – Sun: 08:00 Am – 05:00 Pm.

  • abdul hakim ssewanonda
    abdul hakim ssewanonda (visiteur) · 8 août 2014

    do you have any booked ticket for abdul hakim ssewanonda traveling to dubai?