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Accidents & Incidents

All Accidents & Incidents which affects the Rwandan Aviation.  We hope that this category won’t be often filled.



This caravelle was the last one in service, in the world. It crashed in 2004, when it attempted to land at Goma (DR Congo), but  landed without any reason at Gisenyi (Rwanda).



2009 : 12 November : RwandAir CRJ’s crashat Kigali (Rwanda).

  • (factual report by the NTSB) : here
  • (RwandAir Statement) : here


2008 : 9 September : Kenya Airways ‘s B777-200ER incident at Kigali (Rwanda)

  • (factual report by the OACI (the UN Agency’s for Aviation) : here
  • (Av Herald) : here




RwandAir makes a statement about the Abidjan incident :


06/12/2011 :


On Saturday 3 December 2011, a RwandAir’s B737-800 which operated a special flight to Abidjan (Ivory Coast) seen its passengers and crew held at gunpoint, by Ivoirians soldiers. They have wanted 5000 USD of cash, for refueling. Here is the statement mades by RwandAir :


The following is a statement from RwandAir on the unpleasant situation at Abidjan International Airport where flight number WB314 bound for Kigali from Abuja Nigeria made a stopover.


Contrary to what has been widely circulated on the Internet, flight number WB 314 landed at Abidjan International Airport at 1400HRS (Local Time Abidjan) where a team of senior Rwanda Government officials disembarked for an official state visit.


Owing to the nature of the delegation, the aircraft was directed to a private military apron for swift handling and quick turn around.  The Rwanda government officials were efficiently and professionally received by the Ivorian team on ground and ushered to the lounge while other Kigali bound passengers remained on board.


The two key requirements for the turn around were fueling services and ground handling services. Both suppliers required cash payment regardless of RwandAir’s prior contractual arrangements with a local company on ground. The team in charge of the apron where RwandAir aircraft was parked did not have any prior information from the local handling company in Abidjan on the same. This expected confirmation from the ground handling company, delayed to reach the apron staff in good time.


This in turn delayed the handling and fueling process. Once all was cleared with the handling agent in Abidjan, fueling and other handling aspects were completed and the aircraft left for Kigali with a one-hour delay on top of the planned two hours on ground.

The photo used alongside the story posted online does not depict the image of the of the soldiers on ground at Abidjan Airport nor does the article give a balanced account of what transpired.


The armed soldiers on ground at Abidjan airport were part of the security detail put in place to receive and ensure safety for the aircraft, its passengers and the visiting state delegation.

We would like to assure all that at no time whatsoever were the lives of the passengers, RwandAir crew or staff in any danger. Further, RwandAir flight crews were well within duty time limit with hours to spare.


RwandAir would like to reaffirm its commitment to upholding the highest security and safety standards in its operations and would like to reassure its esteemed customers, the public of continued reliable and safe operations.


For more information, please contact RwandAir Corporate Communications contact Michael Otieno Phone:  +250 788 177 000 Email: [email protected].



An Akagera Aviation R44 crashes in the Nyamagabe district :



An Akagera Aviation R44 (9XR-SF) at Kigali, march 2011


Updated on 01/08/2012


The Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority published today, the preliminary accident Report on Akagera Aviation crash. You can read  the report : here.


Updated on 30/08/2011


The helicopter was carying two passengers one Nigerian and  one British. There are now  at the King Faycal Hosiptal in Kigali, suffering minor injuries. A Rwanda Air Force helicopter has flown to Nyamagabe and came back to Kigali, with the three injured (the pilot and the two passengers).


25/08/2011 :



Informations was received from Rwanda, say that a R44 crashed yesterday afternoon (Wednesday) on the Congo Nil crest at Gatare, Nyamagabe district, in  the Southern Province. No fatalities among the 3 passengers, who were evacuated to the Nyamagabe hopsital. More infos will come later.

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