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WMP Rwanda and Akagera Aviation made Air Transport Agreement



On this Wednesday 02/10/2013 Wolfram Mining and Processing Ltd made an official air transport agreement with Akagera Aviation to transport its visitors such as; investors, government officials and minerals in case of mining site inaccessibility due to broken roads which may be caused by heavy rain.

 Note that the stated agreement concerns the Gifurwe mining site located in Burera district, Northern province. On the same day, WMP Rwanda launched a small airport land at Gifurwe site where the Akagera Aviation helicopters or any other helicopters can land.

The above companies agreement also covers transport of WMP employees in case of emergence evacuation from site to Hospitals in Kigali, due to mining site accidents. Note that all WMP Rwanda mines are close to local or district hospitals and have the evacuation ambulance to every site.

WMP Rwanda : http://www.wmprwanda.com/news/108-wmp-rwanda-and-akagera-aviation-made-air-transport-agreement.html

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