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Akagera Aviation arrives in the Burundian Market, from 13 December 2013

10/12/2013 updated on 17/12/2013


While Akagera Aviation is becoming more and more popular in Rwanda, the company announced today, that it will begin operations in Burundi. Operations will start from 13 December 2013.


In an interview to the Burundian newspaper “Iwacu”, Bonita Mutoni has said that, “there is a  demand in the tourism industry Burundi. We will also provide more connections between Rwanda and Burundi for tourist. Currently flight time between Kigali and Bujumbura is about 45 min, but thanks to our helicopters we can take off and landing from anywhere. Per example from Kamembe to Bujumbura”.


Akagera Aviation will also provide an emergency medical service, for people living in Burundi, thanks to the Augusta 109 acquired in 2010. This helicopter is well fitted for the emergency medical service.


Akagera Aviation started operations in 2004. Currently the company has 5 Robinson R44s, 1 Augusta 109 and 1 Augusta 139. The company provides charters flights across Rwanda and sometimes across East Africa. An air school opened this year, this later is fully booked until March 2014.







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