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Turkish Airlines starts flights to Somalia, from 6 March 2012


Mogadishu is served by some small airlines from Kenya or Djibouti and  but also by Jubba Airways, the Somalian’s national flag carrier. Above, A Boeing 737-200 at Nairobi (Kenya), in 2009. East African Spotter.





According to Amadeus (15FEB 2012), Turkish will start a twice weekly service to Somalia, via Khartoum. The airline can sell tickets between Sudan and Somalia.



1 : monday – 2 : tuesday – 3 : wednesday – 4 : thursday – 5 : friday – 6 : saturday – 7 : sunday


Airports codes


IST  : Istanbul- MGQ : Mogadiscio


Istanbul- Khartoum – Mogadiscio – Khartoum – Istanbul






TK 686

IST : 23h15

MGQ : 07h00


Boeing 737-800

TK 687

MGQ : 08h00

IST : 16h00


Boeing 737-800



21 DEC 2011


 20 years after the departure of the last European airlines from Somalia, due to the Siad Barre’s fall which lead to a bloody Civil War. Turkish Airlines could be the first European airlines to resume flights to Somalia. 


 On 20 December 2011, Turkish airlines announced the launching of flights to Somalia. According to the Turkish Airlines’s CEO  Turkish Airlines will fly two times a day to the Somalian’s capital, from January 2012.


In first time, Turkey will modernize somali’s airports, a nine member team from Turkish State Airport Management is in Somalia, to evaluate the project. Then Turkish Airlines will enable to begin flights to Somalia.


In October 2011, Turkish Airlines with the help of the Turkish governement operated special flights to Mogadishu, to help Somalian people, during the famine. The governement had already showed the interest to re build Somalia.


The civil war in Somalia began in 1991. In 2006, Transitional Federal Government of the Republic of Somalia was transfered from Kenya to Somalia. The country is struggling to recover peace, mainly due to the Al Shabbab militia.


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