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Shortage of fuel persists at Mombasa Airport.

Last Update 17/10/2013


RwandAir serves Mombasa three times a week. Flights will land and take off at Mombasa normaly. RwandAir can easly fliy to Kigali via Mombasa, without refueling, but however according to the last article, some RwandAir aircraft have refeuled at Nairobi. If you need informations,  you can contact the airline : HERE





Petroleum refineries on Wednesday blamed the fuel shortage at the Moi International Airport on lack of payment for supplies.


The airport has been hit by jet fuel shortage and what it has can only last until Thursday, sparking fears of Jet A1 oil crisis.


This shortage caused the diversion of some flights to refuel elsewhere on Monday, until Total delivered 710,000 litres as a temporarily measure.


On Tuesday, wrangles between the airport’s four suppliers – KenolKobil, OilLibya, Total Kenya and Vivo (formerly Shell Kenya) – and the Kenya Petroleum Refineries Limited were cited as the cause of the shortage.


The refineries human resource manage Martin Wahome on Wednesday dismissed the claim, saying the refinery had become the ‘whipping boy’’ whenever there is a fuel crisis.


He instead blamed the airport suppliers, saying they should not expect to receive supplies without first paying.


“Pay first and then instruct us on what to do or where to pump any purchased product from our storage tanks,” he said in a telephone interview. “On Tuesday, we pumped 500,000 litres to Vivo that can last three to four days depending on the aeroplanes at the Moi International Airport.”

Daily Nation full article : HERE




Calvin Onsagiro


The Moi International Airport in Mombasa has been hit with a jet fuel shortage.  The shortage, which started on Monday , has forced at least four airlines to be diverted to other airports in the region for refuelling.

Airport manager Yatich Kangugo yesterday said the shortage has been occasioned by wrangles between the Kenya Petroleum Refineries Limited and oil marketers in the country.

  According to Kangugo, the four oil marketers contracted to supply Jet A1 fuel to the airport have been unable to access the fuel at the refinery.

The four include KenolKobil, OilLibya, Total Kenya and Vivo Energy (formerly Shell Kenya).  As a short-term measure to contain the situation, Total Kenya was by yesterday the only oil marketer that was supplied with 710,000 litres of the jet fuel.  However, Kangugo said this is not enough and may only last for three days.



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