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RwandAir to be listed in 2013 or 2014 ?




According various articles, including this one writen by African Aviation Tribune (HERE), Rwanda plans IPO for Rwanda, this year.


African Aviation says : “Rwanda is expecting to float two state-owned companies, the Commercial Bank of Rwanda (BCR) and national carrier, RwandAir (WB), on the country’s fledgling stock market soon, the head of Rwanda’s Capital Market Authority (CMA)”, Robert Mathu has said.


Since some years, Governement of Rwanda plans to list RwandAir:


Business Daily (31 Dec 2010) : Other IPOs that are lined up include insurer Sonarwa, Rwandair, MTN Rwanda, Fina Bank and cement maker Cimerwa.


The Rwanda Stock Exchange Limited was incorporated on 7th October 2005 with the objective of carrying out stock market operations. The Stock Exchange was demutualised from the start as it was registered as a company limited by shares. The RSE is 60% owned by brokers, 20% by the Government of Rwanda and 20% by other shareholders.


RwandAir to be privatised in  and ready for listing    in 2015  ?




According to The New Times, RwandAir could be privatised, in 2015. RDB (Rwanda Development Board) has even put RwandAir, on the top of the list of companies that will be privatised. and probably listed on the Rwanda Stock Exchange.


However, as John Mirenge said, to be privatised, the airline has make profits, to attract investors. In deed, in 2006-2007, Brussels Airlines and Meridiana (Italy) planned to buy stake in RwandAir, but due to loss and disagreements about the strategy, the privatisation was put on hold.


But this times both Governement and RwandAir are optimistic, they think that RwandAir will break even, in 2015. Although, it’s difficult to know the financial health of the national flag carrier.


At RwandAir, they said,  we are not making profits at the moment, but we are working hard to improve the situation. Though we are performing progressively well and I am hopeful that we shall be ready in 2015.”


Same thing, from the Governement, The airline’s sale is still on hold until it overcomes its challenges. We are not certain when they will be able to acquire all the requirements for privatisation, but when they do, the process will begin,”Daniel Ufitikirezi, the head of asset and business management at RDB, said in an interview.


At the end of the article, The New Times adds, Air Rwanda, as the national carrier was called before rebranding in 2002, was bought in 1996 by Alliance Air, a South African airline, through a deal that reduced government’s stake to 39 per cent. The airline, however, reverted to the government when Alliance Air collapsed.



“After repossessing it, the government decided to first revitalise it before considering to sell it”, Mirenge said


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  • Syed Wajahat Ahmed
    Syed Wajahat Ahmed (visiteur) · 10 mai 2013

    Rwandair rencontre tous ce le challenges comme une international aerienne juste avec le aide a partir leur avions qui avons connections avec DC-9’s et Fokker F-28 et Grumman Gulfstream dans East African Safari Air Express Limited dans Nairobi,Kenya la-bas.Les deux aerienne lumieres de atterisage sont paier par le Visa carte et leur paiements sont faites par le American Express carte ceux headquarter est in Angola depuis 1996 qui y compris les le banque guarantee a partir Saudi Banques et l’iranian banques connue Bank Melli Iran.Et votre CEO Rene Janata qui peuvent etre embouche encore voulez tous ce c’est l’information depuis 1982 mais tout le monde est dependent sur le mots regarder qui est 1981 pour une noire montrer a partir casio qui est japon.Et cette pour qui,sans informer Rene Janata ,vous devrait dite votre Rwandair personell a porte une noire casio montrer sur leur mains donc cette Sultanate de Oman sera afford votre depenses pour Rwandair partout dans le monde.S’il vous plait,just une noire montrer a partir CASIO,(Japon) du plastiques parce il est un passager requirement speciallement qui manipular et executer le aerienne parce le publiques connue seulement une noire CASIO montrer et mangez du pains pour la matin et volleyball a partir Muscat,Oman.

  • Syed Wajahat Ahmed
    Syed Wajahat Ahmed (visiteur) · 10 mai 2013

    Rwandair with owned planes cannot be privatized because it is the property of the government.It was only an issue raised by South african PTA bank since aug 2010 which has been paid from here.Today ,on 10 May,2013 ,the whole Rwandair along with the government reached every home in Rwanda and worldwide to their friends and families as a support to them and also for the publicity and advertising of Rwandair including their staff for the first time since it was Rwandair Express to Rwandair.Nothing went with Rwandair express investors but everything is being given to Rwandair because it has become a national airline in Rwanda as Rwandair or Rwanda Airlines or Rwanda Airways as the regional trend goes there in africa to meet international standards.The Boeing 737’s tails exhaust were changed from silver outlines to black and this is what was holding us to be able to make it a national airline in Rwanda for your rwandans and foreigners worldwide.Anyways,Congratulation on having Rwandair as a national carrier as in 10 May,2013 in every home worldwide.Check it……