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After Rwandans Medias, the Rwanda singer Cecile Kayirebwa now sues RwandAir


 A press conference during the first flight to Lagos (Nigeria), in december 2011.







Safari Kizito a lawyer representing Cecile Kayirebwa a celebrated music icon has expressed his dissatisfaction against the delay of a case involving his client and Rwandair.



The lawyer told IGIHE, “Delayed justice is denied justice,” he said court is draging its feet in handling the case Kayirebwa Vs Rwandair.



Kayirebwa in September 2012 filed a lawsuit at the Nyagurenge, Commercial High Court against Rwandairfor failing to adhere to provisions of a contract the two parties had entered requiring Rwandair to use some of her music in the launch of its activities but broke the agreement.



Rwandair had submitted that it didn’t abuse the contract thus requested the court to provide them with time to find music experts to help in proving that the audio music used in the promotion works ofRwandair was not of Cecile kayirebwa.



The defendant (Rwandair) had submitted two persons as music experts including Albert Rudatsimburwa and Irene Habemenshi.




According to the Kenyan Newspaper “The East African”, the famous Rwandan singer Cecile Kayirebwa has taken RwandAir to court for allegedly using her song as a soundtrack in its planes.


The  $10 000 initial agreement said that, the song had used only during the inaugural flight to Nigeria,  but RwandAir went ahead to start playing the song without her permission and knowledge before the deal was signed.


“It is true we are in court with RwandAir seeking justice and compensation for our client, whose song was used by the airline without her permission,” said Safari Kizito, the lawyer representing Ms Kayirebwa.


On the RwandAir’s side John Mirenge has said that :


“We want to respect the principle of prejudice where a case that is before the courts of law is not commented on until the judgment,” said Mr Mirenge.


However, RwandAir denied that the song it played is that of Ms Kayirebwa, saying it belonged to a Nigerian singer called Enyanya. 


The parties first appeared in court on January 16 but the case was adjourned. According to Safari Kizito, the court will be meet again in April, after experts who were hired to verify the background soundtrack. The case has been welcomed by the legal fraternity, who argue that it will set an example on the protection of intellectual property.

Some weeks ago, the state broadcaster Orinfor, which runs Rwanda Television and Radio Rwanda, and local FM radio station Isango Star, to pay the Belgium-based Ms Kayirebwa 

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  • Wajahat Ahmed
    Wajahat Ahmed (visiteur) · 11 mai 2013

    il est les roi de yugoslavia qui voulez son partage dans east african safari air express et rwandair ou juste simplement ditez lui que nous soutien yugoslavia et nous l’ecoutez yugoslavia pour les avions et aviation et aerienne la-bas parce fly dubai atterisage dans beograd(BEG) pour leur affection.Merci

  • Wajahat Ahmed
    Wajahat Ahmed (visiteur) · 11 mai 2013

    It’s the yugoslavian king who wants his share in east african safari air express and rwandair because both airlines are running goog.

  • Wajahat Ahmed
    Wajahat Ahmed (visiteur) · 11 mai 2013

    Cecile Kairebwa is not the case but the case belongs to an american singer called whitney houston whose song was sung in yugoslav airlines and their stewardess is after me for an affair.She is a blonde stewardess since 1988-89.And she gave work to rwandair express about her case from yugoslavia.but don’t worry all she wanted was to be known in east african safari air express and rwandair as a source of running these airlines while she is in europe.Yugoslav airlines I had was from DXB-BEG-NYC and I met her in Dubai and we flew together upto belgrade and there I stayed in a hotel called AEROJUGOSLAVENSKIE.This is the whole story and don’t worry about Cecile’s case and all it is is that Yugoslavian wants his share in East african safari air express and rwandair to pay his yugoslavian girls and women.