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By Peter Dowling, Senior Editor



DFASS Group, the world’s largest global inflight duty free specialty retailer, is expanding its African operations under a new relationship with RwandAir, the flag carrier of the Republic of Rwanda. RwandAir will launch a new onboard duty free retail program with DFASS, helping to expand its customer offerings and augment its current growth in new aircraft and destinations.  DFASS Group will use its network of brands and product resources to merchandise the onboard retail programme, tailored to the needs and desires of the RwandAir passengers.



DFASS will provide point of sale software as well as back office solutions to the airline.

In a statement, DFASS said it has a proven history of working with its airline partners to develop the strong foundation necessary to implement, build and grow a world-class retail business.

In establishing the new inflight duty free service, DFASS said it was chosen due to its leadership in the industry, creative sales and marketing plans, access to prestige products and global operational infrastructure.

“DFASS Group has the unique ability to deliver a proper portfolio of products that appeal to RwandAir’s passengers,” said RwandAir CEO John Mirenge. “This, along with its consumer marketing programmes, coupled with powerful state of the art technology, are strong elements to create a powerful inflight duty free programme for RwandAir.”

“RwandAir is an important partner for DFASS Group and we believe that there are tremendous growth opportunities in the African region,” said DFASS CEO Benny Klepach.

“RwandAir is excited to commence its new duty free programme to serve their customers better. An active partnership is integral to the success of any inflight programme.”

“We are proud to have been selected by RwandAir,” said DFASS President and COO for the Americas & EMEA Saul Hyatt.

“RwandAir is growing rapidly. We are planning for today as well as for the future of the programme to support all of RwandAir’s exciting strategic plans. We are all very thrilled about the opportunity.”



RwandAir improves service  to limited mobility passengers and passengers with infants.





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Further to my email below, I wish to report that the joint committee has agreed to the following with immediate effect:

1. Special assistance to limited mobility passengers and passengers with infants at departures. This includes being offered assistance while going through the scanner, providing seats as our staff assist to get the boarding passes, assistance at the stairs going to immigration and facilitation through immigration processes, and priority boarding at flight time. This is applicable at all airports we fly to.

2. For all arrivals. During descent or while in air, the cabin purser or the main flight hostess/Stuart will make an announcement to the intention of all passengers with limited mobility and passengers with infants to remain behind for assistance when exiting the aircraft. Ground handling staff will then work to assist these passengers when exiting, clearing out of immigration and picking their belongings on the baggage carousel. They will be escorted until they are outside the airport facility or when a family member or friend meets them.

3. A special signage will be displayed to inform all passengers at departures and arrivals of any free or paying services for assistance such as baggage porting, trolleys, etc.

This decision takes immediate effect starting today August 9, 2013.

Rgds/ Robert
Ag. Senior Manager, Marketing – RwandAir



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