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Rwanda and Burundi sign a Bilateral Service Air Agreements



Rwanda and Burundi signed yesterday a Bilateral Service Air Agreements (BASA) to improve air connectivity between two countries. The previous agreement was signed, 40 years ago.


“We believe this is the right time where movement of people, goods and services between the two countries must be made easier if we are to benefit from regional integration,” said the minister.


With a such agreement, airlines from Burundi and Rwanda can operate flights between two countries, without restriction in terms of frequencies. Currently RwandAir serves Bujumbura two times a day.


This agreement will aslo benefit both to the trade and the tourism sectors, and it is in line with  with the implementation of the different protocols under the East African Community integration process.


“After the one-stop-border post, time has now come where two countries must sort out the air space bottlenecks.”

“This unlocks much potential each country has to offer to the other especially in areas of bilateral trade and tourism. 


Since the begining of the year, Rwanda signed BASA with Uganda, Sudan, South Sudan, Lesotho, Swaziland, Canada, Kenya, Malawi and Tanzania.


Some sentences come from Rwanda New Times : HERE

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