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Rwanda Air Force training (MI-17 Unit) for United Nation Mission in Darfur

As Rwanda becomes the primary troop-contributor to UNAMID peace support operations, the medical evacuation demonstrations and lectures should enhance the RDF’s growing search and rescue capabilities, said RDF general physician William Kanyakol.




January 2011


In 2011, we published two articles about the Rwanda Air Force mission in Darfur. HERE


Two Soldier from the 402nd Civil Affairs Battalion Functional Specialty Team took on a traveling contact team mission to Kigali, Rwanda, recently to facilitate a flight medic operations seminar for Rwanda Defense Force (RDF) battalion medical officers.

The Soldiers and their Rwandan hosts studied and exchanged ideas on medical evacuation procedures in support of the Rwandans’ pre-deployment preparations for the United Nations – African Mission in Darfur (UNAMID).

“Everyone knows that the Rwanda Army is a very disciplined people,” said Capt. Gisanura Ngabo, Rwanda Air Force general physician. “We have a thirst to know; we want to improve ourselves all the time and are ready to serve.”

The seminar came about in response to a request last year from the Rwandans during a military-to-military event. Medical personnel expressed their desire to have additional information presented about U.S. military medical evacuation procedures in conjunction with using rotary aircraft.






April 2012


GAKO, Rwanda – Rwandan Defense Force soldiers from the 71st Battalion race to their positions during a demonstration at their graduation ceremony here April 14. The demonstration simulated how the soldiers would react to various events that could occur while escorting a vehicle convoy, such as responding to enemy fire and airlifting wounded personnel. Combined Joint Task Force -Horn of Africa and Africa Contingency Operations Training and Assistance program members worked alongside 71st RDF Battalion soldiers to observe and share advice and practices with Rwandan military personnel supporting United Nations peacekeeping missions.




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