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Rwanda Air Force helps Burundians to fight the fire in the main Bujumbura market




 The MIL MI 17 is helping Burundians firefighters 




According to Iwacu Burundi, Rwanda sent a MIL MI 17  (RAF 0105)  fitted with additional equipment can pick up water from an open reservoir to Bujumbura, this afternoon. The Bujumbura market is on fire since 7: 00 a.m.


It’s too early to know, what is the cause of the fire, but it seems that there no fatalities. The police is deployed around the market, to avoid looting.


Last time Rwanda used MIL MI 17s to fight a fire, it was in 2009, in the Virunga Park. 


Helitack crews are used to attack a wildfire and gain early control of it, especially when inaccessibility would make it difficult or impossible for ground crews to respond in the same amount of time.



In the past, Rwanda offered its help to Haiti, Japan and Somalia. 


 You can follow updates : HERE (French)


About the MIL MI 17 fitted with the additional water tank : HERE


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