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Rwanda Air Force Mi-17 modernization for missions in South Sudan





15 July 2012 updated on 11 January 2013


In order to help the UN Mission in Darfur (Sudan), Rwanda has decided to modernize its Mi-17 fleet. Three were upgraded last year. Another three are in Lithuania for the upgrade. Modernizations include replacement of some standard equipement, such as radar system. 


The company (ASU Baltijia), in conjunction with partners US-based Flight Test Aerospace, developed the kit as part of the modernisation of three Mi-17s for the Rwandan Ministry of Defence.


Source : HERE


 Here a list of new equipments. We have put links for each items. 


1. Radionavigation and communication equipment:

- GPS/MovingMap system GPS-400W (Garmin); what is it ? HERE
- DME KN-62A receiver (Honeywell); what is it ? HERE.
- ATC transponder KT-76C (Honeywell); what is it ? HERE.
- VOR/ILS navigation receiver KN-53 with navigation indicators KI-206 (Honeywell); what is it ? HERE (VOR), HERE (ILS).
- Weather radar ART-2000 (Honeywell) with multifunction display EX-600 (Avidyne); what is it ? HERE.
- ELT C406-1HM (Artex); what is it ? HERE


2. Search and rescue equipment:

- Observation system Ultra Force 350EP (FLIR); what is it ? HERE.
- 10“ LCD with picture-in-picture LCD1004 (RDDS); what is it ? HERE.
- Digital Video Recorder (SPEEL Praha); what is it ? HERE.

3. Special equipment:

- Armor set for cockpit ballistic protection; what is it ? HERE.
- Replacement of standard Flight Data Recorder to the modern solid-state FDR system (SPEEL Praha); what is it ? HERE.
- Modification of cockpit light sources for NVIS capability; what is it ? HERE.
- Supply of helicopter helmets LH-250 (MSA-Gallet) with Night Vision Goggles HELIMUN MK-6 ; what is it ? HERE (helmets),
 HERE (goggles).


Here are some pictures from ASU Baltijia :




External aerodynamic-shaped armor
plates with FLIR camera installed.

Upgraded cockpit

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