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Discover the Ruzizi Tented Lodge, Akagera National Park




Text by Friends of Akagera National Parks (Facebook page) and photos by John Dickens


Still relatively new to Rwanda’s tourism offerings, but fast becoming a ‘must stay’ destination with reviews such as: “When we walked in, we felt like they knew us… The whole experience and lodge was so beautiful and special we just stayed there for the rest of the day”.

Ruzizi Tented Lodge is found deep in the riverine forest, nestled on the edge of Lake Ihema, in of one of Africa’s most scenic parks. Innovative and eco-friendly, fully powered by solar, designed, built and managed by parks’ staff with100% of profits going directly towards the protection and conservation of Akagera National Park. 

Contact Ruzizi Tented Lodge: +250 (0) 787 11 33 00 or [email protected]



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