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Python devours crocodile in Rwanda in the Akagera National Park




While in Akagera National Park in Rwanda, the crew captured a three meter long python trapping a young crocodile in its coils.  They say the snake held its pretty for over two hours before it was satisfied that the croc had been subdued.



The snake then tried several times to devour the croc, finally succeeding on its third try.  It only took about 20 minutes for the snake to consume the entire croc before it slithered off.  Park rangers told the CNN crew the snake wouldn’t have to eat for another four months.






Meanwhile in Rwanda. A Python cross a country way in the  Akagera National Park




Python, is a large, primitive snake of tropical Asia and Africa. Like the similar but unrelated boa constrictor of tropical America, the python has vestigial hind limbs that extend outside the body as a pair of short spurs. Unlike the boa, the python lays eggs—as many as 100 at a time—instead of bearing its young alive.


The python is not poisonous. However, it can inflict a severe wound with its many long, sharp teeth. It eats birds and mammals, capturing its prey by biting and holding on, then swiftly looping itself around the victim. The snake tightens its coils until the prey, unable to breathe, dies of suffocation. (The python does not crush its prey.) The snake swallows its prey whole and rests for days while the meal is slowly digested. It can swallow creatures much larger than itself, because its skin is somewhat elastic and its jaws and ribs are hinged with tissue that stretches readily, permitting the mouth, throat, and abdomen to expand.


Source : animal discovery.com : HERE


Pictures by Auke and Nadia



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