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Qatar Airways office in Kigali (Rwanda)


Contact Airlines homepage : HERE  

You can read Qatar Airways news: HERE







From 03 July 2017 to 01 September 2017, Qatar Airways will temporary closed bookings:







Last Update : 08/07/2015


Sources : Qatar Airways.com


Qatar Airways office in Rwanda :


Avenue du Commerce

Kigali City Tower 11th floor

Tel. +250 25 2553 500

Mobile Number    +250 786387233/34

Kigali Rwanda


Monday – Friday : 8h30 a.m – 6.00 p.m

Saturday : 8.30 a.m – 1.00 p.m

Public Holidays : 8.30 a.m – 1.00 p.m




GHA for Qatar Airways Cargo



Contact : Mr.Chowdhury Ahmed Shamim







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  • Noble Muyenzikazi
    Noble Muyenzikazi (visiteur) · 4 août 2017

    I have a flight from Kigali back to Miami on 18th August but I heard the airline is not stopping here anymore. How do I go about that for my upcoming trip?

    • African Muzungu
      African Muzungu (visiteur) Noble Muyenzikazi · 31 août 2017

      Hello, sorry for the late answer, i hope that the airline provided you a solution to back to Miami. The airline resumes flights from 01 september 2017

  • Noble Muyenzikazi
    Noble Muyenzikazi (visiteur) · 3 août 2017

    I have a return ticket from Kigali back to Miami but I heard the airline is not stopping in Kigali anymore. My trip is supposed to be the 18th of this month. Is the flight still on anyway?

  • Higiro Jules
    Higiro Jules (visiteur) · 11 avril 2017

    Can I have you phone contact please. I would like to make a flight booking from Kigali International Airport to India-New Dheli. Booking persons: HIGIRO Jules and GATERA Yvonne. Departure: 19/04/2017 and returning on 19/05/2017.

    • African Muzungu
      African Muzungu (visiteur) Higiro Jules · 26 juin 2017


      Sorry for the late answer (we are not a travel agency), i hope that you were able to book your flight.

      I have erased your number phones and your email, on your comment, it’s not a good idea to put them on the web.

  • mugisha Steven
    mugisha Steven (visiteur) · 7 décembre 2016

    hello am called mugisha Steven am study tourism in high school, I would like to follow this Qatar airway I completed S5 next year I will be in s6.at our gave us reccommadation letter to require internarship in our career after received it automatically I think for Qatar airways as airline I like and follow in my studies. so please I need and I wish to be practise in this airways am sorry because I wish anytime I will complete my college I think to will work in this.my God bless you and help me in that.

  • Denis Rugege
    Denis Rugege (visiteur) · 16 décembre 2015

    No trace of my checked-in baggage since I left Paris for Kigali on 13 Dec.

    • African Muzungu
      African Muzungu (visiteur) Denis Rugege · 16 décembre 2015

      I was your message on twitter, i hope that everything will be ok, nefore the end of the week

  • Denis Rugege
    Denis Rugege (visiteur) · 16 décembre 2015

    I left Paris on Qatar Airways on 13 Dec 2015 to connect to Kigali in Doha the follwoing morning 14 Dec. I was denied boarding because "flight was overbooked". Had to stay over in Doha and get on the Kigali fligh on 15 Dec. On arrival in Kigali my checked -in bag was missing. Baggage claims said there is no trace of my bag in the system. Qatar airways did not comntact me apart from replying to my Tweet with an automated reply saying "we are sorry for inconvenience. Please submit details of your experience for assistance".

  • Dennis
    Dennis (visiteur) · 3 juillet 2015

    Hello, hw much is a cheapest one way flight from chenai internationa airport to kigali

  • martin kahanovitz
    martin kahanovitz (visiteur) · 13 mai 2015

    The mobile and phone numbers listed are not connecting on your web site for Kigali – i am trying urgently to confirm my flight details

    • African Muzungu
      African Muzungu (visiteur) martin kahanovitz · 13 mai 2015


      All informations come from Qatar Airways website :

      Qatar Airways Kigali – Kigali
      Address Qatar Airways Kigali
      Kigali City Towers – 11th Floor
      Avenue du Commerce
      Kigali, Rwanda
      Monday – Friday: 8.30am – 6.00pm
      Saturdays: 8.30am – 1.00pm
      Public Holidays: 8.30am – 1.00pm
      Mobile Number +250 786387233/34
      Other Telephone: +250 252 553500

      If you are in Kigali, the best thing is to go to the Kigali City Tower

  • muralidharan
    muralidharan (visiteur) · 4 mars 2015

    I duration time should be below 19hrs

  • muralidharan
    muralidharan (visiteur) · 4 mars 2015

    Dear sir, I want to know flight details from kigali to coimbatore, 1st april and return 3rd may

  • Alfred Willem
    Alfred Willem (visiteur) · 11 octobre 2014

    Pourquoi fermer le samedi apres midi