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Rwanda finishes its ACN 2012 qualification with a win :




Despite of a disastrous qualifying campaign, Rwanda beaten Benin this afternoon, at Porto Novo 1-0. The goal scored at the 5th minutes by  ?????.  The match was balanced, although Benin has tried to score several times.


With this win, Rwanda finishes 2nd of the group, just behind Ivory Coast with 6 points. Now, the next mission for the Ferwafa is to re build the Rwandan Football, with the election of a new president and a new coach, to be ready for the next match against Eritrea, in november.




Rwanda sends codoleances to Japan




Kyodo News/AP



16th march 2011 updated on March 22nd 2011 :


5 days, after the earthquake and the tsunami which hit Japan, the Japan Foreign office has announced that Rwanda will offer its assistance to help Rwanda, maybe with funds or by sending teams to Japan. The government sent a condolence message to Japan and contributed $100,000 to the Japanese Red Cross to offer emergency assistance to the victims.


Since 1994, ties between  Rwanda and Japan have imporved, with the recent opening of an Embassy in Kigali. Japan donates huge funds to Rwanda, since Genocide 1994, in scolarship, ICT, transports, thanks to the Nippo-Rwandan NGOs based in Japan and Rwanda.  Rwanda sends some students to Japanese Universities.


Rwanda embassy in Japan : here


Japan Embassy in Rwanda: here


Association Japan Rwanda : here












February 27th 2011 3.25 p.m :


Three weeks after evacuated Rwandans from Egypt, the Rwandan governement has decided to repatriate Rwandans living in Libya, with the help of the Rwandan Consulate in Turkey, Turkish and Kenyan governements.


A Turkish Airlines B737-800 operated a special flight, from Tripoli to Istanbul, with 23 Rwandans and others nationalities, last night.They left Istanbul, the following day to Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania). Then, they have reached Kigali, on board of Rwandair CRJ-200, from Dar Es Salaam to Kigali.


Kenya Airways sent a B767 to Tripoli via Cairo, on Saturday 26th, to repatriate some African students, including Rwandans. The flight landed today at Nairobi.







March 22nd 2011 10.33 a.m :


 According to the Rwanda New Times, 35 students flown back to Egypt, on Sunday March 20th, on board of Ethiopian Airlines plane.    


February 6th 2011 1.15 a.m :


According to the Rwanda New Times, 44 students arrived safely at Kigali, from Cairo, last evening. The Rwanda Governement chartered a special plane to evacuate Rwandans living in Egypt. It seems that over 8 students remained in Egypt for unknown reasons.     


February 5th 2011 2.00 a.m :


Nearly 10 days after the begin of unrest in Egypt, the Rwandan governement announced yesterday,  that they will start to reapatriated Rwandans linving in Egypt. A flight operated by RwandAir is planned to arrive from Cairo, today. Over 60 Rwandans living in Cairo will be onboard.


The Rwandan governement still trying to contact all Rwandans living in Egypt, via the Rwandan Embassy in Ethiopia and the Consulate in Cairo.

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