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The Rwanda Accident and Incident Investigation board publishes a preliminary report on Akagera Aviation crash


You can read the full report : HERE




The Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority published today, the preliminary accident Report on Akagera Aviation crash. You can read our article about the crash : here


Preliminary Accident Report 

Robinson helicopter R44 II, 9XR-SI 

Gatare Sector, Nyamagabe District, Rwanda
August 24, 2011



1. Factual Information 


Aircraft Type : Robinson Helicopter

Aircraft Manufacturer : Robinson Helicopter Company



Aircraft Model : R44 II



Year of Manufacture :  October 2009



Nationality & Registration Marks :  9XR-SI



Number of engines & Model One : (1) Lycoming IO-540-AE1A5



Aircraft Serial number :  12965



Name of the owner:  Akagera Aviation



Name of Operator : Akagera Aviation



Flight Number : Not provided



Location : Gatare Sector, NyamagabeDistrict, Rwanda


S 20º 22` 24, 
E 29º 22` 93

Date & Time of Accident : 24 August 2011 , 1230 UTC



Phase of Flight : Climb

Nature of Flight : Charted

Departure airport : Gatare Helipad

Destination airport : Kigali International Airport

Persons on Board : Three (3)


Injuries Type Fatal Serious Minor
Pilot 0 1 0
Passenger 0 2 0
Ground 0 0 0
Total 0 3 0

Weather Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC)


Damage to Aircraft Destroyed.



2. Narration


On August 24, 2011, about 1230 UTC, a Robinson helicopter R44 II, 9XR-SI, operated by Akagera Aviation on charter flight, crash landed on to of a hill in Gatare Sector, Nyamagabe District, Rwanda. The aircraft broke into pieces and destroyed as it crash landed. The commercial pilot and two passengers sustained serious injuries. There was no fire.


The investigation is being conducted by the Rwanda Ministry of Infrastructure in accordance with the provisions of Rwanda Civil Aviation (Accident and Incident Investigation) Regulations. The US National Transportation Safety Board is a party to the investigation. The Investigation is on-going and a Final Report will be published in due course. Source : Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority



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