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In this category, you will find reports  about Rwandan Aviation. It can be Videos or Articles mainly published on Aviation Magazines (Airliner World, Airways, Air & Cosmos,…).





Pix by KigaliWire


Added on 15 OCTOBER 2013 :

RwandAir begins Juba service :







Added on 13 JULY 2013 :

RwandAir B737-700 or 800 is landing from Johannesburg


KLM A330 takes off from Kigali




KLM trip report (slideshow) San Fransico – Amsterdam – Kigali :





Added on 05 JULY 2013 :


A great report on TV Ten Rwanda about the arrival of the second RwandAir B737-700. Report in English begins from 10: 18.




 Added on 26 JUNE 2013 :


US Army and Rwanda Defence Forces are loading a  US Air Force Boeing C-17 Globalmaster at Kigali, in 2009. This Boeing C-17 Globalmaster was used to carry cargo between Rwanda and Darfur. US Air Force has also sent C-130s






Added on 31 MAY 2013 :

Rwandair crj-900ng is taking off from kigali :





Added on 02 April 2013 :

Roll out of the first B737-700 for RwandAir :

Eindhoven Airport Rwandair D-AHXB, New reg 9XR-WJ Boeing 737-7K5, On EHEH is Aviation Cosmetics, a company specialized in paint job, sometimes I see a exotic color scheme,such as a first 737-700 for Rwandair  







Added on 26 February 2013 :


RwandAir low pass over Kigali from the cockpit :

A Nice video of a low pass over Kigali Airport, during the delivery of the first CRJ-900NG, in Octobrer 2012.  


RwandAir night landing at Kigali

Landing at Kigali, with a RwandAir’s CRJ-200 (the aircraft has replaced by the CRJ-900NG), in 2011. The flight comes from Entebbe (Uganda).



RwandAir First CRJ-900NG ( 20 October 2012) :

Take off from Gander (Canada) :



RwandAir Orders Two Bombardier CRJ-900 NextGen for October 2012 ( 20 March 2012) :

The official statement from RwandAir CEO, John Mirenge and Bombardier Aerospace representative Sameer Adam after signing the purchase agreement for two NextGen CRJ-900 due for delivery in October 2012.




Reception Ceremony for the Boeing 737-800NG (August 2011 ) :


video (english) : here


Saturday 27 August, 2011 marks an important moment in the history of RwandAir as it receives its first Boeing directly bought from the manufacturer; it is also the first Boeing with Sky Interior in Africa.






US Air Force meets Rwandans Air Traffic Controllers (April 2009 ) :


video (english) : here



Package about the 17th Air Force, the component air wing of USAFRICOM, facilitating two North Carolina Air National Guard air traffic controllers to travel to Kigali, Rwanda to meet and discuss training, current ops and to discuss ways ahead for the Rwandans in the way of air traffic control. Produced by Master Sgt. Chris Stone.




RwandAir takes delivery of its first B737-800 (August 2011) :


Video : here


(In Kinyarwanda)


English version (ony text) : here




ILS28 @ Kigali – Rwanda on a Hawker 800XP (July 2011 ) :


Video : here


A nice video filmed from the cockpit. At the end, there are a “huge” trafic, for Kigali, including the Global Express of the Rwandan President, a Kenyan Cessna Citation, a Kenya Airways ERJ-170 (KQ444), A Costal Aviation (Tanzania) Cessna Caravan, a RwandAir CRJ and EgyptAir A330, for Rwandan Soldiers based in Darfur.





RwandAir on Airways Magazine (July 2011) :


Issue (August 2011) : here


Relaunching RwandAir


by Sebastian Schmitz


Rwanda is a small, landlocked African country that is probably better known around the world for the wrong reason: the terrible genocide that occurred here in 1994. But continuing to saddle Rwanda with that reputation would be an injustice, because today the country is both safe and pleasant, with very friendly people. Economically, Rwanda has also developed favorably, and tourists are increasingly choosing the country as a holiday destination. The country also has its own airline, RwandAir.




Rwandan President meets Turkish Airlines CEO (July 2011) :


Video : here


(In Kinyarwanda)


English version (ony text) : here


Related video. Turkish Airlines evacuated Rwandans living in Lybia (Feb 2011) : here


You can read our “little” file about unrest in North Africa : here


Airliner World & Air International ( February-March 2011) :


Airliner : here 


Issue sold out 🙁


Kigali International Airport
Rwandan capital looking to become a hub for Central Africa.


Air International : here 


RwandAir is a benchmark carrier in Eastern Africa with a vision that goes beyond its home market of Rwanda. Andreas Spaeth reports.




Akagera Aviation (March 2011) :


Video : here


A promoting video of Akagera Aviation, a rwanda helicopter company runed by two South Africans pilots. The company has 4 R-44s (one is used by the police) and two brand new Augusta (one is used for VIP flights and the other one for Emergency Medical Service). AKA has also a school, the first one in the region.




Single Sky in the East Africa Community (August 2010) :


Video : here


Nice report about a project of single sky in the East African Community (Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda) by Molly Thomas of Rwanda TV.



Rwanda Air Force (April 2010) :


Video : here


Rwanda Air Force Mil-Mi 17s in action :-).




RwandAir re-launches flights to Johannesburg (March 2010) :


Video : here


Interview of the RwandAir’s Head of Marketing and. Corporate Communications .




 RwandAir takes delevery of its first CRJ-200LR  (Dec 2009) :


Video : here


Only preview.



 (L) ! 1 week with RwandAir  (Dec 2009) :


Video : here


In Dec 2009, RwandAir leased a Dash 8-200 from ALS Airlines of Kenya, during one week, just before the arrival of the first CRJ-200LR. Here is a video.



RwandAir crash (Nov 2009) :


Video : here (no comments)


More infos about the crash : here


Factual report : here





RwandAir opens a agency in Nairobi (Sept 2009) :


Video : here

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