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RwandAir will operate special flights between Darfur (Sudan) and Kigali, for the Rwandan Defence Forces





The first batch of 17 Infantry Battalion serving in United nations-African Union Hybrid Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) returned home from Darfur, on 27 January. The RwandAir carrying the troops touched down at Kigali International Airport at 1200hrs. 








According to both Izuba.rw and Igihe,  from today the RDF will begin to replace 3 200 soldiers who have been in Darfur, for 9 month. RwandAir sent one  B737-800 to Darfur this afternoon, to airlift 135 soldiers.


Flights between Rwanda and Darfur will end on 14 February 2013, when all 3 200 soldiers will be replaced by another group of 3 200 soldiers. In the past, RwandAir had already operated flights between Kigali and Darfur.


Since 2006, RDF soldiers in Darfur serve under the United Nations Mission in Darfur (UNAMID). And since 2010, Rwanda has  deployed both police and helicopters in Darfur. 


About three weeks ago, Rwanda Air Force sent three aviation units in South Sudan, to supply its ground troops.


Rwanda is 6th biggest contributor for UN Peace Keeping Missions. It has police troops in Ivory Coast, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Haiti. 


Rwanda is a member of the UN Security Council since 1 January 2013.



About the Darfur Conflict (http://www.trust.org/alertnet/crisis-centre/crisis/darfur-conflict) :


The conflict flared in 2003 when rebels in Darfur took up arms, accusing the government of neglecting the region. The government responded with a brutal counter-insurgency campaign.


Since then, civilians have come under attack from government troops, pro-government nomadic militia and rebel groups. The United Nations says as many as 300,000 people may have died. Khartoum puts the figure at 10,000.



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