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RwandAir orders two A330s.

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RwandAir selects the A330 for fleet growth and modernisation


RwandAir, the national flag carrier of the Republic of Rwanda, has signed aMemorandum of Understanding with Airbus for two brand new A330s (300 and 200 series) making RwandAir a new Airbus customer and the first airline in East Africa to order the A330s.


“As we look to introduce wide body aircraft for the first time into our fleet, with its proven economics, reliability and passenger comfort, we have found the A330 to perfectly support our plans to expand into Europe and Asia, to enhance our regional presence, to open up new routes and to grow our market share,’’ said John Mirenge, Chief Executive Officer of RwandAir.


The two aircraft will have 261 and 300 seats respectively and will come in a triple-class configuration with Rolls Royce Trent 772B engines and will be delivered in the second half of 2016. With this addition RwandAir’s fleet will reach ten aircraft.


“We are delighted that RwandAir has confirmed its confidence in the A330, and are extremely pleased to welcome them as a new A330 customer,” said John Leahy, Airbus Chief Operating Officer, Customers. “The A330 Family offers a unique combination of unbeatable economics, versatility and fuel efficiency. Passengers will be able to enjoy a new flying experience with state of the art inflight entertainment systems and best-in-class passenger comfort that only Airbus offers.”


Note to editors


From Kigali as its hub in the heart of Africa, RwandAir is one of the fastest growing airlines and operates one of the youngest fleet on the African continent. The airline which is also well reputed for an excellent on time performance, reaches out to eighteen cities in Western, Eastern and Southern Africa and the Middle East.

RwandAir recent major milestone is the passing of the IATA Operational Safety Audit which resulted in the acquisition of the IOSA certificate. The airline’s commitment to operate with the highest and international industry safety standards continues with the pursue of another certification, the IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations expected to be completed by June 2016.


Archives News, about the RwandAir A330s (2015 year) :



11 November 2015






SITAONAIR to provide Mobile Phone and Wi-Fi services on RwandAir A330s






SITA Statement






Rwandair will become the fourth African airline to choose SITAONAIR as its connectivity provider. Rwandair has two A330s, both of which will be line fitted with mobile phone and Wi-Fi services. The first A330 will be delivered in October 2016.
SITAONAIR is the leading inflight connectivity provider in Africa, with more airline customers in the region than any other provider.
Rwandair is an international airline flying to all parts of Africa and the Middle East. It needs to offer passengers with consistent inflight connectivity coverage wherever it flies.
SITAONAIR connectivity uses Inmarsat’s SwiftBroadband, which provides consistent global coverage, along with an option to upgrade to GX Aviation when it comes to market, in 2016. Combined with SITAONAIR’s worldwide network of regulatory authorizations, this means SITAONAIR can provide Rwandair’s passengers exactly the same level of service on both African and Middle Eastern routes.




““With connectivity expanding in the African aviation market and RwandAir continuously trailing blazes in customer services automation, it is imperative for RwandAir  to be among the first airlines to offer mobile phone and Wi-Fi services to passengers travelling in the Central-Eastern part of Africa,” said Jean Paul Nyirubutama, Deputy CEO & COO of RwandAir. With SITAONAIR, we can provide our esteemed customers with the connectivity they expect from us, as well as formulate a plan for the easy upgrade to GX Aviation when it becomes available.’








Source : http://www.sitaonair.aero/news/rwandair-puts-passenger-online-internet-mobile-services/











  19 October 2015




RwandAir Statement :




The winning names for the ‪#‎YiteNawe‬ Airbus A330 naming campaign are; Umurage by Thierry Hakizimfura and Ubumwe by Therese Ayinkamiye!!!




Ubumwe means Unity, and Umurage means Legacy or Heritage.

These lucky people have each won a return ticket for two to Mombasa for an all expenses paid weekend getaway on the white sands of Mombasa!!!
Congratulations Thierry and Therese!!!







01 October 2015




Training on A330 for RwandAir should start, in June 2016. Pilots will get their Type Raiting at Airbus Toulouse, in France. About the Flight Attendants, an Airbus team will be in Kigali.




Of course dates can changed.















13 September 2015




Follow the signature of the firm order, the Airbus Production List shows, that the Number 1754 is now an A330-300E (Enhanced).




Airbus A330-300E (first aircraft was delivered late 2000s) :




There is all new avionics (the electronic systems used on aircraft), LCDs in the flight deck, LCD based cabin management, new FBW (Fly By Wire) system that includes rudder controls, differences in manufacturing processes, new cabin layout,…




In 2015, Airbus delivered the first 242-tonne maximum takeoff weight A330-300 to Delta Air Lines in May 2015. With these enhancements, Airbus has added some 50 per cent more range to the A330-300 since its service entry, while reducing maintenance costs by 20 per cent. The the 242-tonne version serves as the development platform for the A330neo (new engine option).




Copyright Navjot Singh











08 September 2015




RwandAir unveiled today, the seat configuration for its two A330s :




A330-200: 20C (Biz), 21Y+ (Premium Eco) , 203Y (Eco)
A330-300: 30C, 21Y+, 223Y




The A330-300 will be fitted with flat beds seats  © Delta Airlines :








Typical configuration are : Business (6 abreast), Economy Premium (7 abreast) and Economy (8 abreast).




The airline also confirmed that the two A330s will be delivered in September 2016 and December 2016.



30 August 2015




According to the Dr. Wolfgang H Thome blog, Airbus and RwandAir will hold a press conference, the next month. The press conference will take at the Kigali Serena Hotel, on 9 September 2015.




Several announcements will be made, during this day, such as the configuration of the A330s, deliveries dates and also the first destinations that will be served, by  RwandAir A330s.




RwandAir plans to provide three classes configuration on board of A330s. Typical configuration are : Business (6 abreast), Economy Premium (7 abreast) and Economy (8 abreast).




About the delivery date, last informations show that the first A330 could arrive as soon as in September 2016.




About destinations that could be served, by A330s, Canton, London, Frankfurt, Mumbai and Paris are often cited.







27 July 2015




Rolls-Royce Trent 700 engines selected by RwandAir




Statement by Rolls Royce




Rolls-Royce has been selected by RwandAir to supply Trent 700 engines to power two Airbus A330 aircraft. The agreement makes RwandAir a new Rolls-Royce customer.




John Mirenge, Rwandair, Chief Executive Officer, said: “We look forward to working with Rolls-Royce as the Trent 700 delivers efficient, reliable power for new aircraft that will open up new routes to Asia and Europe.”




Dominic Horwood, Rolls-Royce, Chief Customer Officer – Civil Large Engines, said: “We welcome RwandAir to the Rolls-Royce family of customers and are proud to power its first selection of widebody aircraft.”




The Trent 700 delivers the best fuel burn, emissions and noise performance, resulting in market leadership on the aircraft. The engine has won more than 60 per cent of new orders over the last three years. In the A330 freighter market, the Trent 700 now accounts for 90 per cent of aircraft in service and on order.




More than 1,500 Trent 700s are now in service or on firm order, making it the largest in-service Trent engine.








The Rolls-Royce Trent 700 is the ideal powerplant for these medium and long-haul routes operating out of high altitude and high temperature airports, like Kigali Airport


This engine is manly used by airlines based in the Middle East or in South America.


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