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RwandAir Manager Wants More Facilities for Nigerian Airports




Chinedu Eze


Country Manager, RwandAir, Hafeez Balogun, has urged the Minister of Aviation Stella Oduah to consolidate on the Airport Remodelling Project being carried out across the country.

Speaking at a press briefing in Lagos to announce the first winner of the “Fly and Win” promo raffle draw organised by the airline for Nigeria travellers, he said passenger facilitation at the airports need to be fast-tracked in other to make it easy for them to collect their luggage within seconds after arrival.

He added that the country’s airports which are currently undergoing transformation needed some infrastructural priming to rank amongst the best terminals in the continent, noting the minister is already doing a tremendous work.

Balogun stated that the aviation industry is a growing market that has the potential for growth if the right facilities are put in place.

As I said earlier the Nigerian market itself is a growing one. All we just need is to have more infrastructures. The minister of aviation is doing a lot in making sure they develop the airports but she will still need to do more so that as passengers come into the airports within a twinkle of an hour they get their luggage and everything is sorted out. So we need to do more infrastructures.”



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