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RwandAir launches special fares for Rwandans, flying on the domestic flights




See a president flying with the national flag carrier, of his country, is a rare sight in African countries. But not in Rwanda. H.E President Kagame already flown with RwandAir, to Burundi and Uganda, in the past.


This time the President has flown to the West Province, for a two days visit. He has meet leaders, Businessman and also inhabitants living in the Province.


During a speech, he has promised that to open up the province, he has requested to the authorities to improve the access to the Region. He has said that RwandAir should provide a special fare for Rwandans, on its domestic service.


Currently, most of Rwandans going to Kamembe, use the Bus, due to the high cost of the Air Ticket. Most of passengers flying on the RwandAir domestic service are either Congolese, living in the South Kivu or Tourist wishing to visit the Nyungwe Forest.


This announcement has got a warm welcome , from the Local community.


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