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RwandAir has appointed Holiday Aviation as its GSA in South Africa.



Statement read on Delivering the Dream Incentive Management Services Facebook Page :


It will be building the brand in SA while developing the market to Rwanda and beyond and will also manage the RwandAir ticketing office at OR Tambo International.

RwandAir operates one of the youngest fleets in Africa, serving 15 destinations beyond Kigali with four B737s, one Bombardier Dash-200 series and two new CRJ900 regional jets.

Ceo of RwandAir, John Mirenge, said South Africa was a vast market, for which RwandAir had ambitious plans. “We’ve seen a big increase on our regional and medium-haul routes out of Johannesburg and the strategic partnership with Holiday Aviation will strengthen the carrier’s presence and growth potential.


We plan to expand our operations in South Africa, with Cape Town featuring prominently in our plans for the near future.”


GSA ? What is it ?


A general sales agent (GSA) is a sales representative for an airline in a specific country or region. Typically, the GSA is responsible for selling all products of the airline in its region which includes flight tickets and cargo space.


About Holiday Aviation SA:


Holiday Aviation is the specialist Airline GSA and Aviation Logistics division of Holiday Holdings International (Pty)Ltd., the largest and most successful privately owned, multi-award winning travel services consortium of its kind in Southern Africa.

The organization was established more than 3 decades ago in 1976 and is involved with the management of consolidated gross travel, accommodation and air ticket sales totalling more than one billion Rand per annum


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  • Aiman Faraz 3 messages

    Stay in touch and contact with Brussels International Airport in Belgium by using 47 communications in Los Angeles,CA and/or Tenzeng communications in Bangkok,Thailand because South Africa immigration was made to contact us in Karachi by using Ufone comunications which is a local sim company in Karachi.GSA passengers are regular secret shoppers and are depending on East African Safari Air Express in Nairobi,Kenya on a omani land hole spot in Wilson airport which is basically a round pencil sharpner with a mirror at it’s front from Muscat,Oman(Light green in colour)

  • Aiman Faraz 3 messages

    GSA means Gulf Shops Available
    GSA means Give Side Ajar
    GSA means Geometry Shown Above

  • Aiman Faraz 3 messages

    Merci tout du Holiday Aviation,
    I hope that the GSA is benficial for you and people don’t have to roam around in search of airline offices in SA which is quite a good facility for them specially ladies with children.SA immigration calls such people to check in favour of the airline whether the ticket was purchased outside SA or locally and if locally the where from.That’s how they know you and we’re in Karachi,Pakistan and they talk here in the air as well to verify because the immigration cannot touch the airline but they were showing concern with the gsa(s).My number is 92(313)262-7648

    • African Muzungu
      African Muzungu (visiteur) Aiman Faraz · 4 mai 2013


      I don’t work for any GSA or airlines^^.