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RwandAir eyes more routes from Entebbe (Bujumbura, Dar Es Salaam and Johannesburg)

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On Thursday 29 January 2015, RwandAir started a new service between Entebbe and Nairobi. During the press conference,  John Mirenge, the RwandAir CEO, has announced that more routes are in project from Entebbe.  Bujumbura, Dar Es Salaam and Bujumbura are the 3 destinations targeted by RwandAir.


The number of destinations served by RwandAir, from Entebbe, will reach 6. RwandAir provides daily service to Juba, Nairobi and of course to Kigali, the hub of the airline.


RwandAir will use 5th freedom rights on theses routes. the 5th freedom rights allow to a foreign airline to fly between two countries. Depsite, various agreements signed in 2000 (Yamoussokro Air Liberalization Agreements) and in 2014 (Northen Corridor), Africans states are often criticized “to close” their air space.


This kind of agreements have many advantages.  First of all, It brings more competition, then reduces fares, and finally it boosts trade and improve the Regional integration. For the airline, it will be able to attract more passengers and will earn more money.


RwandAir will probably operate tags services to these futures destinations. (eg : Kigali Entebbe Johannesburg), in addition to its non stop service from Kigali to Johannesburg. RwandAir could also base an aircraft at Entebbe, but in this case, more agreements would be signed and it can takes many times…



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