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Rwanda Transport Sector Bulletin 2014/15 : RwandAir (June 2015)




In 2009, RwandAir started an ambitious plan, including the opening of new routes and the acquisition of aircraft, direclty from the manufacturer. The Governement has injected hundreds millions of dollars to help  RwandAir. Revenue of airline have dramatically increased, as well load factor, from 30% to 60%. RwandAir hopes to break even by 2017/18.




2013/14 : USD 81 420 582 (Baseline for 2014/15)


2014/15: USD 100 666 337




 2013/14: 448 243 (Baseline for 2014/15)

 2014/15 : 526 896


Load Factor:


 2013/14 : 54%

 2014/15: 59,75%

Target for 2014/15 : 60%


Comment : despite a positve growth, RwandAir 2014 Q4 results were below the target . It seems that airline was impacted by several crisis which hit Africa, in 2014 (South Sudan, Ebola, Xenophobic riots in South Africa). Furthermore, Kamembe service was suspended from November 2014. It’s still too early to know, the impact of Burundi crisis on RwandAir. RwandAir hopes to break even by 2017/18.


MININFRA recomends to RwandAir, to implant a strong marketing and network strategy, to improve load factor, to attract more passengers and thus to become profitable.


RwandAir has also purchased many ground equipements. Most of them were delivered, however some deliveries were canceled because contracts didn’t comply with tender requirements.


18 Rwandan pilots and 15 Rwandan Engineers work for RwandAir. A second batch of 9 aircraft technicians completed their training in December 2015.


The first batch of Cadet Pilots completed their training in November 2015. The 3rd batch of 10 aircraft technicians began in August 2015. They have obtained bursaries from REB.


RwandAir get its IOSA certification, in May 2015. ISAGO (IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations ) audit is planned in March 2016, at the same time with the IOSA renewal Audit.


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