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Rwanda Civil Aviation releases final report of Akagera Aviation crash in 2011


Sierra India seen in March 2011 at Kigali, is the (blue) helicopter invovled in the crash.




Immediate Probable Cause

The pilot ‘s incorrect response to low rotor rpm warning and caution light resulted in the rotor
blade stall at low height above ground level, loss of aircraft control leading to the helicopter
impacting with the flank of the sloping terrain. Also contributory to the accident was the
operation of the helicopter at its marginal performance.


On August 24, 2011, about 1230 UTC, a charter flight, Robinson helicopter R44 II, 9XR-SI,
registered to and operated by a Rwandan Operator, impacted with rising terrain in the vicinity of
Gatare Sector, Nyamagabe District, Rwanda. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and the
weather conditions were calm. The commercial pilot and two passengers sustained serious
injuries. The aircraft was destroyed. There was no fire.


The flight had originated from Kigali International Airport with two Robinson R44II helicopters
registrations 9XR-SE and 9XR-SI. According to their reports, 9XR-SE pilot had planned to fly
from Kigali to Nyungwe Lodge with one stopover in Gatare whilst the 9XR-SI (the accident
aircraft) pilot had planned to fly to Nyungwe Lodge with one stopover in Gatare and a refueling
stop in Butare.



You can read the whole report  : HERE

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