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Kamembe International  Airport





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Rwandans Airports (June 2011) :


Internationals :


Bugesera International Airport (First flight in 2015)


Kigali International Airport *


Kamembe International Airport *


Nationals :


Gisenyi Airport


Butare Airport


Musanze Airstrip


Nemba Airstrip


Gabiro Airstrip


* : active airports (scheduled flights)



Nine global firms shortlisted for the future Rwandan airport :




The project of the new Rwandan airport made another step, this week, after that the governement unveiled a short list of nine firms, which eventually deliver the facility to government in about four years. The construction will start next year for an opening in 2016, instead of 2015.


The process to procure an investor for the project, to be implemented through the Public Private Partnership (PPP), has started with nine companies pre-qualified for the tender. In recent years, Rwanda experienced a dramatic growth in aviation sector, due to the country’s rapid economic developpement.


To meet the demand, the Rwandan governement has decided to build a new airport, because the Kanombe airport can’t be expended. With the incoming traffic from KLM, SN Brussels, Ethiopian Airlines and RwandAir at once, it becomes almost impossible to handle the traffic at Kigali International Airport,” Elias M Twagira, the director general of RTDA said.


The new airport will have a capacity of 3 millions pax a year, instead of 1.8 millions, although the budget was amended several times. The new airport will be able to accommodate large modern aircraft including B777 and air­bus A380, with peak hour aircraft movements of five passenger air­craft and allowance for three car­go aircraft.




Pearl Lounge Rwanda has now its website :




3 months after its opening, NAS (Kuwait) has just opened the Pearl Lounge website, for Kigali airport : http://www.pearllounges.com/ (only in English).


Rwanda CAA launches a two weeks training program, to improve safety :




According to the minister, ICAO’s Universal Oversight Audit Programme for Rwanda in 2007, identified lack of qualified aviation personnel as a major deficiency in many areas. […..]


The training is conducted by instructors from the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), a UN agency charged with coordination and regulation of international air travel to ensure safety and growth of the sector in the world.


More infos : here



Rwanda and Nigeria sign a Bilateral Air Service Agreements :




The first air service between Nigeria and Rwanda, could become a reality in coming months. In deed, both countries have signed a BASA, which allow to RwandAir to fly to Nigeria. Negotiations are still ongoing, to know if RwandAir can fly to any Nigerian cities without restrictions or if RwandAir can fly only to Lagos or Abuja.



The Rwandan Senate votes a major aviation reform to improve the safety :




The Rwandan Senate voted yesterday, a major aviation reform, with the goal to fight against deficiencies. . With this new law, the Rwandan Parliamentarians recommend appropriate measures to end the impasse observed particularly in the control of activities at airports and aerodromes.


Rwanda MPs have also agreed for the Rwandan Ministry of Infrastructure modernises  the 4 Rwandans mains airports and takes part to the achievement of the future Bugesera airport .





Kigali expects to see its passenger traffic to rise by 29 % next year :





The Rwanda CAA has announced that Kigali expects to hit 450 000 next year, instead of 350 000 this year. The dramatic growth is mainly due to the arrival of new airlines such as KLM, South African Airways and Turkish Airlines. The Rwandan national flag carrier, RwandAir has recently expanded its network to Central Africa and to Dubai.



To full face with the strong demand, the governement started this year, a major expension at Kigali airport including a new VIP Lounge (see article in this page) and the extension of the terminal.


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Rwanda CAA trains over 200 people in fire fighting :





The Rwanda CAA has just concluded a two week fire fighting training for over 200 people including RwandAir and Akagera Aviation staff. Participants have acquired  more skills in handling a fire outbreak, use of fire extinguishers and how to rescue people.




 Bugesera Airport could cost between $300mln and $400mln :





The Rwandan government has announced that the Bugesera Airport could cost between $300mln and $400mln, instead of $900mln (Oz Inc) and $600mln (TPS Uk) previously announced. The reason of this revision is that the governement wants to attract investors by proposing a viable project .


more infos : here



 Busiest routes to and from Rwanda, in 2010 (August 2010 to May 2011) :




Here is a table showing the busiest routes to and from Rwanda. You can note that Nairobi is the busiest routes, with 154 000 passenger last year. This table is not very complete, because some data on some majors destinations (Dubai, Amsterdam and Brussels) are missing. 


Kenya Airways has carried 106 000 pax while RwandAir has carried 48 000, but the third daily flight added by RwandAir one month ago, is not included, so the passenger traffic will be more important the next year, with also the arrival of the RwandAir B737-800 (154 seats).


Addis Ababa is the second busiest routes with about 60 000 passengers (ET represents 15% of the passenger traffic at Kigali). Ethiopian operates 12 weekly flights to Kigali, whom a 5 weekly service opeated by night improving transferts with Lufthansa flights.


Johannesburg is the third busiest routes with 22 000 passengers, but like for RwandAir flights to Nairobi, the 4th weekly flights added one month ago is not included. Capcity will be increased on this route with the come back of SAA and the arrival of the RwandAir B737-800.


In 2001, RwandAir was Alliance Express.


Sources : routesonline, Airliner World, Governement of Rwanda



2001 total traffic : 106 205


2010 total traffic : just over 400 000


Maximum capacity : 500 000


New routes (RwandAir is not included):  Turkish Airlines (April 2012), Royal Air Maroc (planned for 2009, but postponed), EgyptAir (planned for summer 2011, but postponed for winter 2012), British Airways (rumored in 2002 and 2009, but no news since 2009).





Airline (s)


O&D trafic


O&D trafic







Kenya Airways


106 000

48 000

27 722

7 500

4 flights / day

3 flights / day

4 flights / week

1 flight / day

Addis Ababa

Ethiopian Airlines

About 60 000


12 flights / week

3 flights / week



South African Airways

22000 + 60,3% (2009)

Resumes Oct. 2011

2 331

4 flights a week

3 flights a week

1 flight / week




Another police officer returns US$19.700 at airport :





In a series of rare gestures, two police officers have picked thousands of American dollars at the Kigali International Airport only to go searching for the owners of the lost cash, RNA reports.


more infos: here





Rwanda hosted an Aviation Meeting, last week :




Stakeholders from the East African countries are meeting in Kigali to discuss possible modalities to harmonise regional air transport regulations and liberalise the air transport sector.


If the regulations are harmonised, all physical barriers at the borders would be abolished and planes will use the skies of all regional countries without restriction.


more infos : here



Rwanda revises its budget for Bugesera Airport :





The Rwanda government is considering revising the $600 million budget for the construction of a new airport to attract investment from the private sector. There is concern that raising finance for the project might be difficult if prospective donors feel the project is too expensive.


more infos : here





NAS (Kuwait) lands in Rwanda :




Greats news for travelers!!!!



National Aviation Service of Kuwait has just opened a new lounge at Kigali, replacing the older one too small, to meet the strong demand. The name of the lounge is “The Pearl Lounge”.


The Pear Lounge will be opened H24, providing a capicity of 54 seat. Kigali is expected to receive over 400,000 passengers this year, while the airport  is designed to receive 500 000 passengers per year. (more infos : here )


NAS has also added that, they plan to build an aviation training center in Rwanda, that will attract students from neighbouring countries.

NAS has won the award of the best emerging market ground handler, in 2010 and 2011. 


Rwanda needs $635m for the Bugesera Airport :





Rwanda is looking for an investor to fund the construction of Bugesera International Airport.  Minister of infrastructure, Vincent Karega was qouted by local newspaper The New Times saying that the search for partners has began.


more infos : here 



Kigali Airport gets  new re-fueling trucks:





SP Aviation, a local aviation company, yesterday, unveiled three state-of-the-art jet refuelling trucks which will be servicing Kigali International Airport, replacing the old and outdated trucks.


more infos : here


Coming Soon !! flights between Kigali and Arusha Municipal Airport (Tanzania)  :




According to a ministerial statement during the just concluded  Karibu Tourism Trade Fair in Arusha, Arusha Municipal will handle regional flights, from East African including Rwanda. Arusha is the closet airport to the city, but more little than Kilimandjaro International Airport. Facilities has recently uprgaded, with the expension of the runnway.

There are already flights between Kigali and Arusha, operated by RwandAir and Coastal Aviation, but both airlines served Kilimandjaro International Airport.


More infos later.


Nexus Group (UAE) set to open a Flight Center Operation in Kigali  :




Middle East flight operations services company NEXUS has announced the establishment of NEXUS Africa with the set-up of its new Flight Operation Centre (FOC) in Kigali, Rwanda.

The move has been made in partnership with the government of Rwanda as currently the Rwandan Civil Aviation Authority is working actively to make the country a regional hub for air transport operation by ensuring aviation safety and security and providing a conducive airport environment.

“We are very excited about the new NEXUS Africa since it is the first step in our global expansion and we believe Rwanda to be the perfect place for our inaugural Africa base,” stated Mohammed Al-Zeer, chairman of NEXUS. “Our ultimate aim is to be globally recognised as the leading African provider of flight operations services, employing the best, serving the elite and being respected by industry leaders. This is just the first step.”

According to Al-Zeer, the centre will boast of state-of-the-art technology in flight operations services to cater to local and international customers alike. Being the only flight centre of its kind in the region, NEXUS aims to offer complete 24 x 7 support and back-up facilities for the NEXUS Africa through it is well established flight operations centre out of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and Manamah, Bahrain.



The NEXUS decision to invest in Rwanda has been welcomed by the Rwanda Development Board (RDB), the agency responsible for promoting tourism, trade and investment. John Gara, chief executive officer of RDB, stated: “We are delighted to welcome NEXUS into our country as their services will provide links for travellers all over the world, not just to Rwanda but to the whole of Africa. This move is aligned with our vision as well as our initiatives to promote tourism and trade and to also improve aviation safety and security within the entire region. We are very pleased that NEXUS will participate and aid us in our endeavours.”


ArabianSupllyChain : here


Major expansion at Kigali Airport :





According to  pictures on the Rwanda CAA website, the Kigali terminal could be extended in a near future. More infos will come later.


here are some pix (a special thread will soon created) :





Middle East investors plan to open an Aviation Center in Kigali  :


Rwanda New Times 04/05/2011:


 “The investors are interested in venturing in the country’s big projects like the Kigali Conventiona Centre and the Aviation Centre,” he noted.


Ragheb pointed out that they also discussed with the President other infrastructure programmes.


“We hope to announce the outcome of projected investments towards the end of next month,” he said.


Present at Village Urugwiro was John Gara, the CEO of Rwanda Development Board (RDB). “In case we finalise the deal with the Middle East Investors for the Aviation Centre, it would be

the first of its kind in Africa,” Gara said.


The Aviation Centre is a one stop centre for general aviation maintenance. Gara said that they expect to sign a Memorandum of Understanding within the next few weeks with the investment expected to be announced by the end of May.


More infos : here




Rwanda Aviation Authority honours fallen employees, during the 1994 Genocide :


Rwanda New Times 13/04/2011:


The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), yesterday, held a memorial service for former employees slain during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.


According to testimonies recounted during the service, the Tutsi who worked at the Kanombe International Airport, were among the first victims of the Genocide that claimed over a million lives.


Testifying at the memorial, Patrice Munyaneza, who worked in the control tower at the time, said that he witnessed the crash.


More infos : here





Air traffic increased at Kigali  :




Richard Masozera, the director of CAA, has announced that aviation industry in Rwanda, is growing. The number of weekly flights increased from 60 to 100 per week (it seems to be 210 flights per week). The CAA has also said, that Kigali Airport will handle about 300 000 passengers in 2010 and this number will rise, the next year.




The growth of traffic is mainly due, with the arrival of new airlines this year. Air Uganda launched a daily flight between Entebbe and Kigali, in February 2010. And recently, a new european airline has launched flights to Rwanda. KLM now flies 5 times a week from Amsterdam to Kigali, via Entebbe.


We do not to forget, that the national flag carrier, RwandAir*, has opened new flights to Mombasa, Dar Es Salaam and Dubai, and has increased flights to Entebbe and Johannesburg during the world cup. The airline plans to open flights to Lusaka (Zambia), Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), Kinshasa (DRC) and Brazzaville (Congo).


Some airlines which serve Rwanda, have added flights. Kenya Airways now flies from 4 to 5 times per day . Ethiopian Airlines has added 5 more weekly flights (overnight flights),. Brussels Airlines which had the monopoly on the Kigali Europe traffic, until the arrival of KLM, has added a 4th weekly flights.


VIP and Cargo flights has also increased, due to the growing demand to Rwanda. Countries that have approached Rwanda Development Board to use Kanombe International Airport for private airlines include Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo and Dubai.


To fnish, Rwanda has negotiated or re negotiated  Bilateral Air service Agreements, to attract more airlines. The countries that are interested include Belgium, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Singapore, Turkey. and The Netherlands.


Some airlines have shown the interest to serve Rwanda, like South African Airways (resume flights via SA Express), Fly540 (Kenya), British Airways, Korongo (Congo Kinshasa), EgyptAir and Royal Air Maroc.

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